Christmas wreaths decorate lamp poles along Grant Street near Forbes Avenue, Downtown.

Christmas wreaths decorate lamp poles along Grant Street near Forbes Avenue, Downtown.

Jasmine Goldband / The Incline

Yes, there are Christmas wreaths on Grant Street — and yellow fall foliage

Halloween and Thanksgiving be damned.

MJ Slaby

It was in the 80s last week. And Halloween is exactly a week away.

But, yes, those are Christmas wreaths with red bows already hanging from lampposts on Grant Street, Downtown, where yellow leaves are still on the trees.

And if it seems too soon, you’re not wrong.

“It is a little bit earlier,” said Katie O’Malley, mayoral spokeswoman.

But the reason is more than just spreading holiday cheer.

The city received an $80,000 grant from Colcom Foundation for beautification in honor of the bicentennial and National League of Cities conference in mid-November, O’Malley said.

And that includes the new light-up wreaths that went up earlier than usual to make sure everything is working by Light Up Night, she said.

The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership’s Light Up Night, by the way, is Nov. 18. By then, all of the other decorations will be up, too, including the city’s Christmas tree which is expected to arrive at the City-County Building on Nov. 5, O’Malley said.

This year’s Light Up Night also honors the bicentennial with commemorative Christmas tree ornaments, according to the Tribune-Review, and the unveiling of an art installation on the Rachel Carson Bridge.

So now that you’re in the holiday mood, look for the new wreaths on Grant Street between Fourth to Fifth Avenue; on Fifth Avenue from Grant Street to Liberty Avenue and along Liberty Avenue downtown.

Or don’t.


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