Ridesharing in Pittsburgh

Where you’re going in Pittsburgh if you hail an Uber from CMU, Duquesne or Pitt

Unsurprisingly, top destinations from the three campuses are travel-related or are restaurants and bars.

University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh

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MJ Slaby

If you’re on a college campus in Pittsburgh and requesting an Uber, you’re likely going out, going to a game or leaving town.

After announcing Uber Movement, a data resource of Uber trips around the world, Monday, the ride-sharing company released a set of more Pittsburgh-specific data to The Incline.

Uber provided the top 10 destinations that originated on the campuses of three universities in Pittsburgh for the last six months of 2016. Rides could have been hailed by students, faculty and staff or visitors.

The lists are not surprising. Everyone’s headed to the airport. All three lists include South Side bars and restaurants. PNC Park makes all three lists, and Heinz Field, home of the Pitt Panthers, as well as the Steelers, also makes Pitt’s list.

CMU’s list includes Target and Giant Eagle, topping the three lists for shopping excursions, though Duquesne rides often end up at the Ross Park Mall. CMU’s list also includes Uber’s Advanced Technology Center, not surprising given the connections between the two. And Duquesne is the only list that includes a healthcare destination. Check out the lists for yourself.

University of Pittsburgh

  1. Pittsburgh International Airport
  2. Heinz Field
  3. Greyhound Bus Station
  4. South Side Hofbräuhaus
  5. Mario’s South Side Saloon
  6. Carson City Saloon
  7. Cruze Bar
  8. Steel Cactus Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, Shadyside
  9. PNC Park
  10. David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Carnegie Mellon University

  1. Pittsburgh International Airport
  2. Target, East Liberty
  3. PNC Park
  4. Greyhound Bus Station
  5. Stack’d Burgers, Shadyside
  6. Noodlehead
  7. KenMawr Apartments
  8. Uber Advanced Technology Center
  9. Bakery Living Blue
  10. Giant Eagle Market District

Duquesne University

  1. Mario’s South Side Saloon
  2. Pittsburgh International Airport
  3. Emiliano’s
  4. Greyhound Bus Station
  5. Chick-fil-A, Oakland
  6. Ross Park Mall
  7. PNC Park
  8. UPMC’s Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic
  9. SouthSide Works
  10. Carson City Saloon

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