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Here at The Incline, we’re expanding our sports coverage and are looking to hire local freelance writers to cover the city’s professional and college sports teams. This is a pitch-heavy opportunity for Pittsburgh-based writers with interesting ideas and quality stories to tell.

We aren’t looking for beat writers or people who want to be beat writers. Our city already has a bunch of really great beat writers, so adding to that group and telling those same stories over and over again won’t serve our audience. Rather, we want to tell cool stories, and we want to find unique angles to the stories already being told. And we’d love to have you join our expanding list of sports contributors.

Just this week, national sports writer and humorist DJ Gallo signed on to pen a weekly column for The Incline. Gallo is the founder, editor and writer of the sports humor site He has also written for, contributed to or appeared on, “Saturday Night Live,” The Onion, Comedy Central, Funny Or Die, “SportsCenter,” The Guardian, CBS Local, USA Today, AOL, ESPN The Magazine and The Cauldron.

Gallo has Pittsburgh roots, growing up a Pittsburgh sports fan in the ’90s — before Barry Bonds moved 2,500 miles away and grew nine hat sizes. Gallo will be writing a weekly Pittsburgh Sports Power Ranking for us, including the best, and sometimes worst, that Pittsburgh has to offer on the field, rink or court.

Gallo joins our growing list of freelancers that includes NHL reporter Dave Lozo, who has been writing Pittsburgh Penstravaganza — a weekly look at all things Penguins. Lozo is a freelance hockey writer who has worked for, Bleacher Report and The Score. He writes nationally for Vice Sports, Uproxx, The Comeback and is one half of the Nerdist podcast Puck Soup. Lozo also has a book for sale, written with Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo’s Puck Daddy and Sean McIndoe of Down Goes Brown, titled “The 100 Greatest Players In NHL History (And Other Stuff): An Arbitrary Collection of Arbitrary Lists.”

Gallo and Lozo joined The Incline’s sports editor Dan Levy, who in addition to his work here serves as the sports editor of our sister site, Billy Penn in Philadelphia. Levy spent 10 years in college sports information before joining the media and working for Sporting News, Comeback Media and Bleacher Report, where he served as both a national lead writer and host of a flagship morning radio show on SiriusXM.

And now you can join them! And us!

Interested candidates should send a cover letter detailing your experience and links to at least three published work samples to and, subject: “Sports freelance.” More links, professional references and other info are welcome, but only if you think they’ll help.

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