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Are you a journalist who loves Pittsburgh? Let’s talk.

Jayna Wallace / The Incline

Are you a journalist who loves Pittsburgh? The Incline, the city’s mobile-first local news startup, is looking for an experienced, innovative professional to work as a reporter/curator focused on storytelling — be that through words, data or visuals. You’ll help establish the site’s tone, tenor and content mix by linking to the most interesting and relevant news and information for and about Pittsburgh, as well as creating original pieces of content that can’t be found elsewhere. The ideal candidate is a problem-solving reporter who thinks like an editor, excels at interpersonal relations and customer service, and has a knack for spotting trends.

We’re looking for someone to fill a full-time position following the departure of The Incline’s Visual Producer Jasmine Goldband. Her photojournalism career is taking her to the Houston Chronicle, where she will be a photo editor. Thanks, Jasmine, for helping us launch The Incline and build our visual identity.

Are you a data or visual journalist or writer interested in figuring out what stories have the biggest impact on the city, how to promote them, and how to spot and fill in the blanks? Read on.

What You’ll Do

  • Create and curate content for our mobile-first news platform, with an eye toward the most engaging and interesting stories in the city. Figure out how those stories will best resonate with our users.
  • Pitch (pitch, pitch, pitch), report and create compelling original stories that aren’t being covered elsewhere: Think what it’s like being the mechanic for a driverless car or how accents change across neighborhoods.
  • Help drive engagement across Pittsburgh’s news ecosystem with an emphasis but not a monopoly on our staff-created content. But don’t aggregate. Link! Write engaging headlines and social media hooks for the biggest stories in the city every day, with an emphasis on breaking news and engaging communities of interest.
  • Establish The Incline’s brand across the city and the industry via social media, live events and other means.
  • Experiment with storytelling forms that will resonate with our audience.

We’re Looking For

  • At least 3 years’ experience as a reporter for a news outlet.
  • Brag about yourself: Are you a skilled data reporter? Love making photos and videos? Pitch us your expertise, and tell us how you can help The Incline grow.
  • A strong track record of using social media to find and draw audience around news — we’ll be looking at your Twitter follower ratio, folks. Bonus points if you’ve managed social media platforms for brands.
  • Extensive pitching experience and the ability to jump in with same-day stories when other plans fall through.
  • A positive, can-do attitude.
  • A commitment to collaboration, both inside and outside the organization.

Interested? Send a cover letter, resume and writing, photo and/or video samples to jobs@theincline.com by 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 21.

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