Here’s a map of literal dumpster fires in Pittsburgh

Insert gif here.

Data City of Pittsburgh / Map WPRDC
Sarah Anne Hughes

There was a time when a dumpster fire was simply a fire in a dumpster.

But the phrase has been adopted (perhaps unfairly!) to describe really awful things like entire years. If you’ve spent any time on Twitter, you’ve probably seen an image or gif of a blue dumpster on fire attached to a statement about something bad.

You know the one.

Now, thanks to the good people at the Western Pa. Regional Data Center, we know where there have been literal dumpster (or other trash receptacle) fires in Pittsburgh since the beginning of 2013. The info is part of recently published data on fires from the City of Pittsburgh, which includes information on type of incident and number of alarms.

Check out the data center’s trashy map.

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