Ultimate Pizza Bracket

Sweet Sixteen: Vote in the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pizza bracket

Every vote counted in the first round. Narrow the field to eight by Wednesday, Oct 11.



Rossilynne Culgan

Update, Nov. 10: Introducing the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pizza Champion: Vincent’s Pizza Park 

Update, Oct. 28:  Vote for the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pizza bracket champion

Update, Oct. 21: Final Four: Vote to show your love for Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Pizza

Update, Oct. 14: Elite Eight: Vote in the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pizza bracket

After a fierce two-week competition, 16 pizza shops triumphed, advancing to the Sweet Sixteen round of our NCAA-style bracket to determine Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Pizza.

We learned a few things from the first round:

  1. Pittsburgh is passionate about pizza. You all cast thousands of votes in the past two weeks.
  2. Long-time favorites beat out the newcomers. For example:
    • Pasquarelli’s Pizza House advanced over Spirit’s Slice Island.
    • Caliente Pizza knocked out DiAnoia’s Eatery.
  3. While many shops in the city limits advanced to the next round, it might just be worth a drive to sample these beloved spots:
    • Shelly Pie Pizza in Turtle Creek
    • The Upper Crust Pizza in Indiana Township
    • Vincent’s Pizza Park in North Braddock
  4. Pittsburgh is #blessed with a lot of superb slices. Some of these decisions were hard, as we heard on Twitter, and we could tell in the votes.
    • Angelo’s Pizzeria triumphed over Bella Notte with just 52 percent of the vote.
    • Similarly, Frank’s Pizza & Chicken beat out Spak Brothers with 52 percent.
  5. Variety is the slice (erm, spice) of life as they say, and that’s definitely the case in these outstanding specimens. On the Sweet Sixteen list, we’ve got distinctions such as:
    • Pittsburgh classics: Aiello’s, Fiori’s and Mineo’s
    • Wood-fired specialties: Mercurio’s and Proper
    • Topping tycoons: Pizza Taglio and Slice on Broadway
    • Unique treats: Detroit-style Iron Born and Beto’s cold cheese


Will we see more tight races as 16 pizza purveyors fight their way into the Elite Eight? Now’s your moment to root for your favorite Pittsburgh pizza.

Vote below or here by 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11. Check back Oct. 14 to see who made the Elite Eight.


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