We’ve got your ‘Parts Unknown’ drinking game right here, Pittsburgh

Get your Iron City and Monongahela rye ready.

Anthony Bourdain drinks with local documentarian, Tony Buba, at Hidy's Cafe in Braddock.

Anthony Bourdain drinks with local documentarian, Tony Buba, at Hidy's Cafe in Braddock.


Since nothing goes better together than watching TV and consuming alcohol, we here at The Incline have designed a drinking game for Pittsburgh’s “Parts Unknown.”

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the episode — Anthony Bourdain likes us! He really likes us! — and we’re sure many of you will be watching. (The show airs at 9 p.m. Sunday on CNN.)

Maybe a few of you will even be enjoying an adult beverage at the same time. Bourdain would certainly approve. Please watch responsibly, and take small sips.

Take a sip of Iron City when …

  • A real yinzer say “yinz.”
  • Someone is wearing a Steelers jersey.
  • Bourdain compliments Justin Severino.
  • Bourdain drinks an Iron City himself.
  • Related: Bourdain scoffs at the mention of craft beer.
  • Also related: Bourdain attacks the cultural blight that is craft beer “snobbery.”
  • There’s a shot of …
    • A mill
    • An autonomous vehicle
  • Someone mentions …
    • Farms or farm-to-table
    • Old Pittsburgh
    • Gentrification
    • Pittsburgh’s transformation

Take a shot of Monongahela rye when …

  • Bourdain says the word “pierogi.”
  • Bourdain actually eats a pierogi.
  • Bourdain gets drunk.
  • Related: Bourdain references all the alcohol he’s consumed during the course of filming.
  • Someone mentions (or the shot shows) all the patrons smoking in the Squirrel Hill Cafe.
  • Bourdain or John Fetterman mention President Donald Trump. (We know that’s going to happen.)

Finish your drink when …

OK, best of luck. Just remember, the Advil is in the cabinet.


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