We put 15 famous Pittsburghers into the Google Arts & Culture app

Artistic doppelgängers for everybody from Sally Wiggin to John Fetterman to Wiz Khalifa.

famous selfies
Rossilynne Culgan

By now, you’ve probably dropped your selfie into the Google Arts & Culture app to use Google’s algorithm to find artworks that look like you, and you’ve probably seen all of your friends post their results on Instagram. But — inspired by our friends at Billy Penn in Philadelphia — we wanted to see which pieces of art look like famous Pittsburgh politicians and celebs, so we uploaded their pictures and here’s what we found.

To join in on the fun, and poke a little fun at ourselves, The Incline staff posted our own selfies, too.


Rachel Carson

We start our list with the late Pittsburgh environmentalist, pictured here with her microscope. Her artistic doppelgänger has a lot of similarities — the hairline, the eyes — but Carson probably never wore a ruffle around her neck to work.



She’s a pop princess in Pittsburgh, so it only makes sense that her corresponding artwork would wear a crown.


John Fetterman

Mayor of Braddock, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, wearer of a strong smirk — just like artist Thomas Hart Benton’s self portrait.


Sonja Finn

This one is pretty spot-on. Finn, the chef, activist and now candidate for city council, and her artistic lookalike are definitely twinning.


Darlene Harris

There are certainly similarities between the city council member and her double. The painting even gives off a bit of a “don’t-touch-my-nativity” side-eye.


Wiz Khalifa

Wiz could definitely pull off those sunglasses.


Meghan Klingenberg

In the full-size version of this painting, the woman on the right is carrying an ornate fan. In most photos of Meghan Klingenberg, her accessory is a soccer ball, not a fan. But other than that, the two share some similarities.


Joe Manganiello

They have both mastered the Tyra Banks’ “smize” (smile with your eyes).


Frances McDormand

Yes, the Triple Crown-winning (Academy Award, Tony, Emmy) actress grew up in Pittsburgh. And yes, she bears a 54 percent likeness to this portrait of Emily Warren Roebling. You know how everybody in Pittsburgh is connected? Well, Roebling was the wife of Pittsburgher Washington Roebling who helped to engineer the Brooklyn Bridge (btw, Emily Roebling is known for her contribution to helping complete the bridge after her husband became ill). How’s that for six degrees of separation?


Bill Peduto

Mr. Mayor, have you ever considered a curly gray wig? It could be a good look.


Fred Rogers

They’ve got a similar style, for sure, but the red cardigan is always a way better outfit choice than the gray blazer.


JuJu Smith-Schuster

Sharing a winning smile, you know these guys are going places.


Andy Warhol

Um, sure.


Sally Wiggin

Both stars of the screen, Google compares beloved Pittsburgh news anchor Sally Wiggin to actress Irene Delroy.


Damon Young

Citing a high match of 74 percent, Google paired Damon Young, Editor of Very Smart Brothas, with none other than Martin Luther King Jr., pictured on the cover of TIME Magazine.

The Incline staff

We felt it wasn’t fair to put celebs on the spot without showing you our own lookalikes. And let’s just say, not all of them are flattering. Thanks, Google.


Lexi Belculfine, editor

We said some of Google’s picks for us were unflattering. Clearly, this is not one of them.


Rossilynne Culgan, food and culture editor

Just your classic baby with a fever look.


Colin Deppen, reporter

Portraits of young men, young skeptics, to be exact.


MJ Slaby, reporter

The eyes have it.


Lindsey Van der Veer, sales and events manager

It may not be an exact match, but the artist’s middle name does match up with Lindsey’s last name.

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