Election 2019

How to find your new congressional district in Allegheny, Butler and Westmoreland counties

Check out this map and list.

The new Pa. congressional districts map

The new Pa. congressional districts map

Pennsylvania Department of State
MJ Slaby

Last week, Pennsylvanians went to the polls for a special election in what’s now the former Pa. 18th Congressional District.

But it wasn’t simple.

Voters in Sewickley and Monroeville showed up at the polls wondering why they were closed. And the Allegheny County Elections Division fielded call after call from voters who expected to cast a ballot. Even residents in Northampton and Lehigh counties — yes, on the other side of the state — wanted to know why they couldn’t pursue their right to vote, The Morning Call reported. Voters called, asking election officials “are you sure?” when told there was no election.

For the record, there was no election. Not for those voters — because they didn’t live in the district.

A new Pa. congressional map was adopted in February, but court challenges from Republican lawmakers quickly followed. (Old districts were kept in place for last week’s special election.)

On Monday, federal and U.S. Supreme Court judges, in two separate cases, struck down challenges to the redistricted map, imposed by the Pa. Supreme Court.

So on May 15, when voters statewide go to the polls to vote in the primary, they’ll cast votes in new congressional districts. Tuesday marked the deadline for candidates to submit petitions to run in those new districts. 

It’s worth noting that the last day to register to vote in the primary is April 16. You can also keep track of who’s running — not just for congress — with The Incline’s big list of Pittsburgh-area candidates.

So how do you know which congressional district to vote in?

What county do you live in?

If you’re in Armstrong, Beaver, Fayette, Greene or Washington counties, it’s simple.

  • Allegheny County — District 17 or District 18
  • Armstrong County — District 15
  • Beaver County — District 17
  • Butler County — District 15, District 16 or District 17
  • Fayette, Greene and Washington counties — District 14
  • Westmoreland County — District 13 or District 14

If you live in Allegheny, Butler or Westmoreland…

There are two ways to figure it out, per a news release from the Pa. Department of State.

1. Check out this map.

You can zoom to your street with this interactive version.

The new Pa. congressional districts map

The new Pa. congressional districts map

Pennsylvania Department of State

2. Consult this list.

This list breaks down the new districts by municipalities and, in some cases, blocks. For Allegheny County, check pages 16 and 17. Butler County is on pages 14-16, and Westmoreland is pages 12 and 13.

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