Ultimate Pittsburgh Brackets

Vote for the Ultimate Pittsburgh Frozen Treat in The Incline’s bracket

Which of these 32 beloved Pittsburgh frozen treat shops should make the Sweet Sixteen?

Frozen Treat bracket V4-with partner
The Incline Illustration
Rossilynne Culgan

After a long, icy winter like this one, is there anything sweeter than an icy treat on a hot summer day? We think not.

Whether you’re a soft-serve supporter, a milkshake maven, a fan of hard ice cream flavors, or all of the above, now’s the time to indulge in your favorite frozen treat. Think of it as a reward for trudging through all of the snow this winter.

Now’s also your chance show some love to your favorite frozen treat shop by voting it to the top of our Ultimate Pittsburgh Frozen Treat bracket, which highlights 32 of the most beloved sweet shops around town.

This March Madness-style bracket is presented by The Philadelphia Contributionship and is decided by votes from readers. Here’s more about how our bracket process works.

So take this as your excuse to try out some new frozen treat spots and stop back to your old favorites, so you can cast your vote in round one and beyond. Voting in this round ends at 10 a.m. Friday, May 25. Cast your vote below or in this Google Form.

Click here to download and print a PDF version of the bracket.