The Death of Antwon Rose II

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Pittsburgh police drive ahead of a June 22 protest for Antwon Rose II.

Pittsburgh police drive ahead of a June 22 protest for Antwon Rose II.

Lexi Belculfine / The Incline
MJ Slaby

Antwon Rose II, 17, was shot and killed June 19 by East Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld. Days of protests demanding justice followed. On Wednesday, Rosfeld was charged with criminal homicide.

East Pittsburgh is one of more than 100 police departments in Allegheny County, and several local state lawmakers have called for a “framework” that aims to prevent shootings by police.

We broke down questions about lethal force, criminal homicide, and bond. But we also want our community’s help in better understanding how policing across Western Pa. works and how a short distance between municipalities can make a difference.

Ask questions that will have answers rooted in facts. Questions that attack others and/or are inappropriate will not be tolerated. While you might have questions about specifics of the Rose case, please know that we are reporting details as we confirm them. This is a space for broader questions about issues, systems, statistics and solutions when it comes to policing.

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