Jeff Goldblum Day uhh … finds a way: Here’s how to celebrate Pittsburgh’s newest holiday

If you love Jeff Goldblum — like, really love Jeff Goldblum — why not make your commitment permanent with a Goldblum tattoo?

Yes, seriously. Goldblum ink is the centerpiece of Jeff Goldblum Day.

And yes, Jeff Goldblum Day is a real thing commemorated on July 13 to celebrate the Pittsburgh area’s beloved native son and internet heartthrob.

Artisan, a tattoo shop and cafe in Garfield, is throwing the party, which includes:

    • Jeff Goldblum-themed tattoo flash specials
    • Jeff Goldblum Day T-shirts and merch
    • Jeff Goldblum trivia — with themed prizes, of course
    • Live painting by Shervin Iranshahr, with a raffle for the final painting
    • Tarot readings by Smoky Quartz Magick & Divination
    • Photo booth/Polaroids hosted by Melissa Ciccocioppo
    • Themed cafe beverages

Guests are encouraged to wear their favorite Goldblum-themed outfits to the event.

This is the second year for the unofficial holiday, but the idea was more than a decade in the making.

Matt McKelvey, tattoo artist at Artisan, remembers a scene in the 2006 mockumentary Pittsburgh, starring Jeff Goldblum, in which city council declared July 13 as Jeff Goldblum Day, and it stuck with him.

McKelvey said he “sat with the idea for years not knowing what I would do with it.”

Years later, he mentioned it to someone he was tattooing, and that person had connections with the mayor’s office, so he got McKelvey a copy of the official Goldblum Day decree. By that point, McKelvey’s friends pushed him to make the event idea a reality, and he did. 

This year, the event has expanded to add seven partners, including Row House Cinema, Assemble, and Bantha Tea Bar. Row House, for example, will screen a “secret” Goldblum movie, meaning you won’t know what will be on the screen until it starts rolling. As Row House explains: “Don’t bother asking what the film is, what it’s rated, is it funny, is it sad, how long is it, is this a 4k restoration or a VHS copy. That information is all top secret.”

For McKelvey, the day is special for its Pittsburgh pride — and he hopes word of the event has made it to Goldblum himself.

“Ever since I was a kid watching Jeff Goldblum movies, his character is kind of the comedic relief, the quirkiest, and I gravitated to that. His lines have always been the most quotable with me and my friends,” McKelvey said. “I’ve definitely been a fan my whole life.”