‘Avoid Hunt’s ketchup’ and more unspoken rules of Pittsburgh

As citizens of Pittsburgh, there are a lot of laws we are supposed to follow. But what if there was a completely separate list of rules that all yinzers should know about — and what if they weren’t actually written down anywhere?

Sounds crazy, but our Facebook friends came up with plenty of unspoken rules that keep Pittsburgh in line. We figured it was about time to write ’em down, and our illustration has gone viral with a lot of love, a little hate, and a bunch of additional ideas.

In the love category, our favorite comment comes from @fooduzzi, who said, “I literally cannot love @theinclinepgh’s posts more. They remind me that being a Pittsburgher is weird. But I love it. #pittsburghproud”

As for hate, there’s a lot of anger over the parking chair. Read about it in the comments, if you dare.

And in the new idea category:

“They missed ‘the Pittsburgh left.’” — Beth Pedone
Here’s more about the Pittsburgh Left if you’re not familiar with the term.

“Be sure to let somebody know if ‘Kennywood is open.’” — Michael Yeomans
This is a must. And here’s the story behind this mysterious Pittsburgh phrase.

“Don’t disrespect the Terrible Towel.” — Mathew Kostewicz
Uh, we may have accidentally broken this rule.

“Can We add RANCH on Everythang.” — Ibdronin
Very accurate.

“The best color combo for any occasion is Black and Gold 🖤💛” — We4pakings

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