Meet The Incline team with our staff spotlight on Rossilynne Culgan

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Sure, we’ve been around the internet for three years, but we mostly stay behind the scenes. So this week, we’re turning the tables and interviewing our small-but-mighty staff.

We’re kicking this off by hearing from our director, Rossilynne. And we’d love to meet you, too, so come by our third birthday party on Oct. 23.


Rossilynne Skena Culgan


Strip District 

Where in town might people run into you?

Working at Colony Cafe, sweating at Zenergy, and strolling through Point State Park.

What made you decide to join The Incline team?

Ever since I could hold a pencil, I’ve loved writing. Getting to write about my favorite city as my job? That’s the dream.

What makes The Incline special?

A few of my favorite things that set us apart: 

– Telling untold stories in Pittsburgh’s communities, from exploring food deserts to highlighting Braddock’s tech movement

– Satisfying Pittsburghers’ curiosity about the delightfully odd things we do here, like why we add an “S” to words or why we all love Bigelow Boulevard.

– Publishing what we hope is a delightful and useful daily newsletter every morning (if you’re not already signed up, sign up here).

– And creating these adorable and sometimes sassy illustrations about our favorite city.

Meta. // Photo by Shane Culgan

What are you celebrating in your life right now?

I published my first book this year! It’s a Pittsburgh guide book called “100 Things to Do in Pittsburgh Before You Die,” and you should definitely order a copy or come hang out with me at a book signing.

What’s something you’re working on that you could use help with?

The Incline’s membership program. Our work is free to read, but it’s not free to create. Our membership program provides a sustainable source of revenue for our scrappy journalism start-up. It’s only $8 a month, and you get super cool giveaways, a bunch of fun member swag, and our eternal thanks.

What local business do you think deserves a shoutout (and why)?

There are so, so many, but I want to give some love to Knotzland. I admire founder Nisha Blackwell (she was an Incline Who’s Nexter!) for her dedication to sustainable fashion and her hustle in growing Knotzland into what it is today. Knotzland’s bowties are beautiful, and I love buying them for all my favorite people. The artisan bowtie company just opened a studio/showroom, so go check it out.

Cleocatra in Pittspurrrrrgh. // Photo by Shane Culgan

What’s your perfect Pittsburgh day? 

Starting with brunch at Bitter Ends (herbal tea, veggie sandwich, and griddle cake). Heading across the street to the Bloomfield Farmers Market to grab a bunch of seasonal produce. Taking a long walk through Frick Park, making time to appreciate the beauty in nature and to say hello to all the dogs. Stopping by Carnegie Museum of Art to sit and admire Monet’s Water Lilies for a solid 30 minutes. Checking out a book from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Heading home to make dinner with all my farmers market finds. Dropping by Kingfly Spirits to grab a drink (the Limoncello Collins) with friends. Making it home in time to read a few chapters before bed.

Hands-down, your favorite restaurant in town? 

This is so hard, but I’m going with … Apteka for their vegetarian dishes, pierogies, wine list, and idyllic backyard.

If Pittsburgh had ___________, you’d feel complete. 

Tim Hortons.

Finish this sentence: You’re not a true Pittsburgher until you’ve… 

Watched the sunset at Point State Park on a summer evening. 

Fun fact: 

I’m a certified water taste tester. I even wrote about it here, naturally.

How can we connect with you?

I’m @rossilynne on Twitter and Instagram. Or you can come to The Incline’s birthday party and we can hang out in real life.