Meet an Incline member: Dané Marshall

Supporting members make The Incline possible, so we wanted to put them in the spotlight with this series.

Meet Dané Marshall, a proud Crafton resident and Tai Chi guru who reads The Incline newsletter EVERY DAY! She lives like she lives here for sure. Thanks Dané. 😀

Where in town might people run into you?

Any of the four Bob’s Diners, The Benedum whenever there’s a ballet, PNC all summer long, Carnegie Library and Music Hall in Carnegie, and City Theater on the South Side.

What’s something you’re working on — in big ways or small — that you could use help with?

Hiring dedicated people, training them better, and employing them longer.

What made you decide to become a member of The Incline?

I read the thing EVERY DAY. So basically guilt that I was befitting from it and not supporting it. (Editor’s note: Hey, we’ll take it! 😆)

What local business do you think deserves a shoutout (and why)?

Bob’s Express and Catering. (Because I own it!) We have amazing food and wonderful selections, but people tend to not understand the range of what we can do, since we’re connected to a popular diner chain. Much more than breakfast sandwiches and meatloaf.

What’s a local event you went to recently that you loved?

Carnegie Crawl, second Friday of every month. Shopping, dining, drinking, and music. Also loved Ballet Under the Stars at Hartwood acres.

What’s a recent story you’ve read about Pittsburgh that you wish more people cared about (and why)?

Transportation. More and more neighborhoods are getting worse and worse service. This is stopping us from becoming a world-class city.

What are you celebrating in your life right now

My Tai Chi class has had a significant positive result on my backhand!

How can we connect with you?

Check out our Facebook page: Bob’s Catering and Express

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