Get into the holiday spirit with these wintry Pittsburgh haiku by Incline members

Hey there, dear reader
We had a haiku party
With members tonight

We had so much fun
We’re still counting syllables
Thanks, Haiku Ninja 💛

Sharing a few now
About winter and Pittsburgh
Thanks for reading

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Wind blows through the air
Man, my fingers sting so much
Wish I’d brought some gloves
— Sydney T. 

The frigid gray sky
Above the city of steel
The river flows on
— Maxwell T.

Arctic, frost, wind, snow
Mountain skiing, sleigh rides, too
Who has my mittens?
— Rose J.

A home of bridges
Black yellow sports hometown hero
Tunnels bring you home
— Kat B.

Fred Rogers Point Breeze
Friendly neighborhoods in sun
Bridges near rivers
— Maryann F. 

Bro got Nintendo
I didn’t understand, but
Still jumped up and down
— Teresa L. 

Rain and gray ahead
Traffic makes us more “friendly”
Still in the tunnels
— Shane C.

Potholes everywhere
Even the buses fall in
Welcome to Pittsburgh …
— Benjamin C.

The overcast skies
The Market Square ice skating
Live like you live here
— Lamont C.

Gray and rainy town
Pierogies, tunnels, inclines
Pittsburgh is my home
— Rossilynne C.