Come spy with us, Pittsburgh 👀

Think you know Pittsburgh?

Well, now you can prove it.

Our “I Spy Pittsburgh” series asks readers, like you, to pinpoint a local landmark based on a close-up photo.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. We publish a close-up photo in our newsletter and, if we’re feeling generous, a clue.
  2. The first person who replies to the newsletter email with the correct answer wins bragging rights and a free month of Incline membership. In the next day’s newsletter, we reveal the winner, the answer, and a little history about the object/landmark itself.

For example, last week the landmark was a Shadyside sculpture named “The Walk” by local artist James West. (You may also recognize his work from the Mount Washington overlook.)

We showed this photo on Day One

… and this photo on Day Two along with the answer correctly identifying the statue’s location .

Day Two also included a short writeup about the statue’s history. ICYMI: it’s dedicated to James West’s cousin, a well-known East End real estate developer named Frank West.

Around the holidays, we showed you this close-up of an ornament on a tree, and to our surprise, some of you recognized it as belonging to the Christmas tree on the steps of the City-County Building Downtown.

We’ve also shared close-ups of local art …

… and local legends

I spy a famous foot clue - Day 1

And time after time, our readers have impressed us with their skills.

Want to play and impress us too?

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