How to enjoy January in Pittsburgh: Fresh juice, good food, and hygge vibes

Are you a fan of January?

When it comes to the months of the year, it’s no secret that January gets a bad rap. It’s the post-holiday hangover no one asked for. The sun sets way too early. And those New Year’s resolutions you set? Don’t worry, we’ve been putting them off, too. 

But January is also a clean slate. It’s the first breath of fresh air on a crisp (or frigid) day. It’s believing in possibility. Why not start 2020 on an optimistic note? We decided to compile a few ways we’ll be celebrating January this year, like … 

✨ Getting cozy indoors with some Noodlehead takeout, Netflix, and all the hygge energy.

👟 Bundling up for a stroll through Market Square.

🍊 Sipping some fresh-squeezed orange juice from Wholey’s. If you’ve never tried it, you need to.

🍔 Trying a new restaurant. Need some ideas? We’ve got the full list.

We want to know how you’re embracing the first month of the new year. Head to our Instagram and share your plans with us … and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to tackle February.