It’s back! Nominate your favorite sandwich for the 2020 Ultimate Pittsburgh Fish Fry Bracket

Update Feb. 21: Nominations are now closed. Check back to see the full bracket.

Pittsburgh loves fish fry season. We know this because we live here and because we love it, too.

And this fish fry season is extra special (and extra crispy) because our fish fry bracket is baaaaccccckkk.

After a one-year hiatus, tens of thousands of votes, light-hearted rivalries, tons of reader feedback, oh-so-many fish sandwiches, and lots of fun, we’re ready to get this party started again.

Once again, fire halls will face off against fire halls, churches against churches, and restaurants against restaurants for bragging rights and a very fishy trophy. There can only be one champ of the chomp.

But there’s a catch! (Get it? Sorry, we cod’nt help ourselves. Seriously, we can’t stop. Please send help.)

We need your suggestions to make it happen.

The ultimate fish fry trophy is passed around the kitchen at St. Alphonsus.

Here’s how to nominate your favorites.

To narrow the field to 32 contenders for this NCAA-style bracket, we need you to tell us about the best restaurants, secular establishments, churches and religious organizations hosting fish frys.

Please submit just one fish fry per form below, but nominate as many locations as you want. You can submit places outside of Pittsburgh proper. Base your nominations on the quality of the fish — or on the overall fish fry experience. Or the sides. Basically whatever makes it your favorite is good with us. We’ll use your recommendations and our research to create the bracket.

Come back and vote your favorites into each new round until a Ultimate Pittsburgh Fish Fry is crowned. Who advances in each round is strictly based on the number of votes for that round. So every vote in every round counts! Here’s how our bracket process works.

Questions? Just email us at hello@theincline.com, and Rossilynne will be ready to help with all your fishy questions.

Submit your nominations by noon on Friday, Feb. 21 using the form below.

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