Let’s get together for Wine-ing About Pittsburgh

Sure, Pittsburgh is technically a “most livable city.” But … that doesn’t mean it can’t do better. And you can help.

At Wine-ing About Pittsburgh, we’ll start with some time to get it all out — over wine, of course. Because whining, complaining, venting, whatever you want to call it, is cathartic.

But we’re not going to spend a lot of time wallowing. We’re going to quickly transition into a conversation about taking action. How can YOU make your city better? You’ll leave with three things you can do to help your neighbors right now.

We’ll kick this Wine Wednesday off by taking your palate on an adventure through the world of wine, led by none other than our friends at Palate Partners (light snacks included as well).

Following the wine tasting class, we’ll invite a local community leader to join The Incline’s Director Rossilynne Culgan for a conversation around an important local issue.

We’re launching the series on March 11 with a focus on food waste and food security with David Neimanis, partner experience manager at 412 Food Rescue. Register here.

Let’s get together to “wine” a bit over the shared struggles of our city and then productively discuss ways to make them better — all while connecting with your neighbors over a glass of tasty wine. Bottoms up.

In future months, we plan to tackle air quality, sustainability, and accessibility. What other topics do you want us to cover? What local leaders do you want to hear from? Tell us.

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