‘New changes. Many choices.’ Haiku about change written by Pittsburghers

We hosted a virtual Haiku Happiness Party with Pittsburgh’s very own Haiku Ninja and 20-some Pittsburghers over Zoom. We talked about themes of “spring” and “change.” And it turned out to be exactly the balm we needed in this hectic, scary, intense time. 

So the Haiku Ninja pulled together the verses and turned them into the artwork we’re delighted to share here.

We wrote them in a game called “Renga,” where one person offered a line and another person jumped in to share the next verse. Each person got to emphasize their own style — some more metaphorical, some employing humor, all in a spirit of hope.

We also wrote about spring, and here’s one of our favorite verses:

Seedlings buds and bugs 
Newly green in sunshine’s warmth 
Amazed once again 

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