The Incline needs your help to weather COVID-19 — here’s why

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. 

And that includes our business. Yup, you’re onto us — we’re going to ask you for money. But first, let us tell you why. And then let us tell you why we think The Incline is worth it. 

How The Incline is funded:

  1. Advertising. With just about everything closed, ad revenue has plummeted.
  2. Events. Obviously we’re not hosting events right now.
  3. Membership. That leaves us with membership. We don’t have a billionaire owner. You are our safety net. We love what we do, but we can’t do it for free.

Why we’re worth your money:

  1. Trusted reporting around-the-clock on the news you need to know. As Incline supporter Abby Swalga puts it: “Thank you for bringing us reliable, easy-to-comprehend, accurate news!”
  2. Local stories that brighten your day, like this piece about a socially distant wedding or this one about “porchraits.”
  3. Actionable journalism you can use, like our guides on how to give help, how to get help, and how to make the most of staying home — Pittsburgh style.
  4. Fun activities like a haiku party and a Pittsburgh crossword puzzle.
  5. A friendly read to wake up to, featuring not just the news but cool activities, local history, and Pittsburgh photos. 
  6. Real humans ready to hear your story ideas (that’s us! Rossilynne and Colin, reporting for duty). 

If The Incline helps you, please help us by becoming a member. It’s $8/month or $80/year with coupon code incline_annual.

And if those amounts don’t work for you, we’ve launched a new crowdfunding campaign where you can donate any amount.

Thank you for reading and thank you for being a friend.