Meet The Incline’s new director with our staff spotlight on Francesca Dabecco

Introducing Francesca Dabecco, The Incline’s new director who’s leading your favorite morning newsletter as of March 2021.

Francesca brings writing experience, marketing expertise, and a big love for her hometown of Pittsburgh. Francesca, tell us about yourself …


Francesca Dabecco


Manchester, North Side

What made you decide to join The Incline team?

I am a writer with an endless curiosity for my city and the people and places that make it so special. I can’t think of anything better than bringing those stories straight to your inbox every morning.

What makes The Incline special?

When The Incline readers open their email, it’s like they are getting a letter from their neighbor, updating them on all the who’s who and what’s what in the ‘Burgh.

We are living in a time where we can feel really detached from our communities, and I think it is pretty invaluable to have a place where people come to feel more connected to their neighbors. There’s a lot of hope in that.

What are you celebrating in your life right now?

This job, of course! And my loved ones getting vaccinated. My 95-year-old grandma got her COVID-19 vaccine at PNC Park, and I think that’s worth raising the Jolly Roger for.

What’s something you’re working on that you could use help with?

As the new director of The Incline, I could use some of your Pittsburgh hospitality and directions to make this newsletter the best it can be. Something happening in your neighborhood we should be talking about? Comments or questions? I always welcome feedback. (But please tread lightly. I’m new here!)

And subscribing wouldn’t hurt, too.

What local business do you think deserves a shoutout (and why)?

Adda Coffee and Tea House because I have never met a more intentional business owner than Sukanta Nag. Everything Adda does is with a focus on conversation, community, and connection. When the pandemic began, Sukanta made sure his team was taken care of by giving them new roles to keep them on payroll. Since then, he has grown Adda to support local small businesses through its Adda Bazaar community shop, as well as partnered with local organizations to fight food insecurities and so much more. Plus, they have a Sunday Showcase Series, a weekly livestream that features Pittsburgh musicians and supports local charities. 

What’s your perfect Pittsburgh day? 

By the grace of Joe DeNardo’s spirit, there are clear skies in the ‘Burgh. Today, he got it right. I hop on my bike during prime sunshine hour and take in the sight of our stunning skyline along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail on the North Side. I cross the Roberto Clemente bridge and ride to the Strip District for some necessities (like fresh bread from Pane é Pronto and a pound of beans from Allegheny Coffee & Tea). I pack some goodies in my bicycle basket for a picnic to eat at Point State Park as the sun sets a shade of cotton candy pink. The wind sends a mist from The Point to kiss my face, and the chill lets me know it’s time to head home. I ride back to the North Side, take a detour through Allegheny Commons to ride past Lake Elizabeth, and I close out the night at my neighborhood spot, Leo, a public house, for a Manchester’s Tea (or whatever inventive drink Michael is mixing up this week). The evening ends with the sound of laughter from friends, and I walk home a few blocks away. I sleep easy, knowing another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Of course, this is a pre-pandemic scenario. These days look a lot different. My perfect pandemic day is strolling through the neighborhood (masked, of course), seeing all the doggos (without petting them, ugh!), grabbing an oat milk latte from Commonplace Coffee, and supporting my favorite local restaurants by ordering ALL of the takeout. 

Hands-down, your favorite restaurant in town? 

This is like asking for a favorite child, but I will have to go with Bae Bae’s Kitchen – Korean comfort food with a commitment to sustainability. (My go-to order is japchae, napa kimchi and crispy tofu. Extra plum sauce, please!)

If Pittsburgh had ___________, you’d feel complete. 

H-Mart, the Asian food store of your dreams.

Finish this sentence: You’re not a true Pittsburgher until you’ve… 

Bought an ice ball from Gus himself.

Fun fact: 

Three of my North Side pals and I started a cooking club during the pandemic called Arn Chef, a nod to Pittsburgh’s charming native accent. We cook together, apart by making home cooked meals with handpicked challenge ingredients.

How can we connect with you?

I’m @francesca_dabecco on Instagram and @francescaalina on Twitter. (I don’t tweet much, but I scroll often.) And you can always hit reply to your morning newsletter and get right to my inbox. See you there.