Here’s the dill-icious round-up of all things Picklesburgh

Rise and brine, Pittsburgh! Today, we’re covering all things Picklesburgh. If you know anything about Pittsburgh, you know this is a big dill!

Since I live in the Downtown area, I attended the jarring experience every day this weekend with my family and friends. I thought there was no better way to capture the festival than to rate every dill-icious thing we ate.

Pickle Beef Jerky

Pickle Beef Jerky (📸: Zoey Angelucci)

  • Rate: 9/10

My two friends and I shared this dill-ectable pickle-y meat stick. While I probably wouldn’t reach for this everyday, we all agreed that we would pick this instead of a normal Slim Jim any day. 

Pickle Egg Roll

Pickle Egg Roll (📸: Zoey Angelucci)

  • Rate: 12/10

Next on the list was this pickle egg roll. The hand-held Asian treat was equal parts flakey and crunchy. At first bite, it tasted like a normal egg roll. But then, popped out the dill pickle! The gherkin gave a great contrast to the rest of the egg roll.

Southern Tier Dill Pickle Gose

Dill Pickle Gose & Pickle Kölsch (📸: Zoey Angelucci)

  • Rate: 8/10

Since I am still under 21, my dad did the honor of rating all pickle-libations he consumed over the weekend (thanks, Dad!). He started with Southern Tier’s Dill Pickle Gose. As a fellow pickle lover, he enjoyed this beer the most because of it’s dill-ightful pickle flavor. 

Great Lakes Brewing Company Pickle Kölsch

  • Rate: 6/10

After the Dill Pickle Gose, my dad tried Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Pickle Kölsch. In terms of beer, he said this was a good, regular beer but definitely less pickle-y than the other. 

Pickled Chef’s Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary (📸: Zoey Angelucci)

  • Rate: 6/10

My dad LOVES Bloody Marys. He was looking forward to enjoying a Picklesburgh Bloody Mary all week. After trying the Pickled Chef’s, he was pleased with the cocktail itself but he acknowledged that it needed more pickles to make it a bonafide Picklesburgh Bloody Mary.

BRGR’s Kimchi Hot Dog

Kimchi Dog (📸: Zoey Angelucci)

  • Rate: 7/10

My boyfriend Mick (who doesn’t like pickles 😖) got the Kimchi Hot Dog from BRGR. He’s never tried kimchi before, so he was a little weary at first. However, he really enjoyed the hot dog. I had a bite of the kimchi and wasn’t completely sure about it but am open to trying it again sometime. (Tell me, where can I find a good kimchi recipe in Pittsburgh?)

The Meat Monster

The Meat Monsters, featuring my dad (📸: Zoey Angelucci)

  • Rate: 10/10

If you’re unfamiliar, this meat monster is a deep-fried pickle stuffed with a hot dog wrapped in bacon. Aka, it’s the furthest thing from being healthy, but of course, it was absolutely dill-icious! 

Pickle Grilled Cheese

Pickle Grilled Cheese (📸: Zoey Angelucci)

  • Rate: 100/10

This pickle grilled cheese was amazing; I would eat this every day if I could. Despite being a simple, normal grilled cheese with dill relish in it, the cheese itself was the best I’ve ever had, and the dill relish really elevated things to to the next level. I’ll be replicating this weekly in my own kitchen. 

Honorable mentions that I wish I would’ve been able to try: Pickle pierogies and Millie’s Dill Pickle Ice Cream. 

Here’s to hoping I can try them next year!

For those of you who didn’t get to relish in the 6th year of America’s #1 Best Specialty Food Festival, I hope my food reviews gave yinz a good round-up. If you did get a chance to go, let us know what pickle-y goodies you tried!