🗣 Locals to Know: Meet Anthony Gima, glassworker and guitarist

Tell us about your work—your job and/or any volunteer work.

I am a flameworker (which is a form of glassblowing) based out of Highland Park.

Wax poetic for a second and tell us: what brings you most alive about this city?

The people, music, art, and greenery.

What’s your favorite Pittsburgh memory?

Playing on the main stage at the Three Rivers Arts fest with my soul/funk band Shaq Nicholson.

If you could eat only one meal from a local restaurant for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ton Katsu bento box from Oishii Bento in Oakland.

Outside of the obvious stop above, share your other top three destinations for where you’d go on your perfect Pittsburgh day.

I’d bike around to the point, Millvale, South Side, Oakland, Highland Park and everywhere in between. After spending a good part of the day hiking with my dog Ringo either in Highland Park or Frick Park, I’d end with either chilling with a backyard fire/movie at mine or a friend’s house or hitting up Thunderbird Music Hall for an awesome concert.

What’s your favorite local social media account (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or etc.) to follow and why?

There’s a lot, but I’d say if you follow @pghglasscenter they often show off a lot of my glass artist friends. That and @thunderbirdmusichall because they’re the greatest music venue in the ’Burgh. (Editor’s note: I went there for the first time this weekend and it is seriously SO nice.)

Colorful glass vases containing bright spring flowers.
Anthony makes decorative art as well as functional pieces like these vases.

How does Pittsburgh help you do what you do/influence your work?

There is an incredibly uplifting community in the music & arts scene that seems to propel each other forward instead of competing, and often, the way I’ve tangibly seen this camaraderie has been the ease with which opportunities and connections are forged from initial thoughts to actual actions — with plenty of generous venues to both create and display your craft.

What’s an unpopular opinion you have about the city?

The fries on the sandwich (I know, I know, you may have to take me out of this newsletter) — I prefer having the crispy boiz on the side.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

I’m looking forward to resuming the glassblowing lessons in my shop now that the weather is warmer. I’m also looking forward to making more connections in both life and glass. And music.

Follow Anthony on Instagram at @gimaglass.

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