Danya Henninger

Culture Editor

Danya Henninger is culture editor for Billy Penn. She's a writer and photographer who grew up in New York City, then moved to Philadelphia and fell in love with her new hometown. She has contributed to the Philadelphia InquirerAll About Beer, Vice and Draft, and has been a restaurant critic for the Courier-Post and New Jersey Monthly. In 1997, she founded photo-video firm Imagic Digital with husband Mark Henninger.

She accepts freelance pitches for Billy Penn culture stories. Guidelines:

  • • The story needs some kind of connection to Philadelphia. That can mean something happening/that happened here, a person from here, a person who wants to come here, a person leaving here, a trend we need, a local trend that's tired, etc etc.
  • • We "write the best, link to the rest," so the story has to be unique, something that's not going to show up in two or three or five other local publications.
  • • We don't often commission stories on specific people (musicians, artists, chefs) unless they have a really interesting hook. Already famous? Going viral? Fascinating/unknown/touching backstory?
  • • We commission both short news pieces (700-800 words) and longer features (1,500+).
  • • Rates vary with both length and experience of writer.

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