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Meadowcroft Rockshelter exterior

How our obsession with genes could lead to a scientific breakthrough at Meadowcroft

New genetic testing aims to uncover new information about “the oldest site of human habitation in North America,” located an hour southwest of Pittsburgh. Photo by Ed Massery with Tom Underiner / Courtesy of Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Historic Village Updated 11:12 a.m. Sept. 18 At-home DNA testing is everywhere.  In a matter of years, the […]

History / September 18, 2019

Meet PK Delay, the Pittsburgh rapper dropping a new track every single day

On stage with PK Delay. // Photo by Ben Petchel / Courtesy of PK Delay There is prolific, and then there’s PK Delay’s “365” project. The Pittsburgh-based rapper and Hill District native is dropping a new single every day this year, a musical drip campaign done without charge.   There’s the track “Social Media,” a lyrical […]

Arts and culture / September 10, 2019

The 7 best Pittsburgh apartments for rent in September 2019

Courtesy of Ikos Fall is weeks away. But for some people, moving season has already arrived. If you’re one of them, you know how difficult the apartment hunt can be.  And if your experience has been particularly unpleasant this time around, allow us to help with the latest installment in our apartment guide series.   Short of […]

Uncategorized / September 5, 2019

How to celebrate Black Business Month in Pittsburgh year-round

Nail artist Le’Chele Barnett, Arnold’s Tea Chef Claudy M. Pierre, and Knotzland Founder/CEO Nisha Blackwell. Photos by Rossilynne Culgan / Jasmine Goldband / RK Mellon, courtesy of Knotzland Updated 4:46 p.m. Aug. 28  August is National Black Business Month. Though it’s ending in a matter of days, you can continue to celebrate year-round. To help […]

Arts and culture / August 28, 2019

Drink like a royal at Smallman Galley’s new Royal Tenenbaum-themed pop-up

Three of Smallman Galley’s “Royal Tenenbaum”-themed cocktails are pictured at front / The Incline. It is not required that you hang from a garbage truck, family trip it to a cemetery or experience mescaline before trying Smallman Galley’s new “The Royal Tenenbaums”-themed cocktail menu.  But if you didn’t recognize those as references to the film, […]

Arts and culture / August 23, 2019

Forget Silicon Valley, these tech companies are moving to Braddock

Braddock’s past is steel. Could tech be its future? Via Wikimedia Commons MeterFeeder was one of the first ripples in Braddock. The tech startup was working to sell the borough on its parking fee-collection software in 2015 when local officials mentioned a newly refurbished office space in town that might suit the young company. “We […]

Technology / August 21, 2019

Pittsburghpedia: “Take Bigelow,” how a ’90s action flick spawned a yinzer meme

‘Take Bigelow.’ Incline illustration, image via YouTube Know your weird and wonky Pittsburgh terms? This post is part of our Pittsburghpedia series, a handy glossary of words and phrases unique to our city that’ll help you #talklikeyoulivehere. Let’s fill you in. Today’s entry … “Take Bigelow” WHAT IS IT? The phrase comes from the 1993 […]

History / August 19, 2019

Who’s Next: Environment and Energy: Meet 13 people making Pittsburgh cleaner, greener, and more energy efficient

Updated 5:55 p.m. Aug. 14, 2019 Pittsburgh is a place at once recognized for its environmental progress and for all the progress it has left to make.  And in our first-ever Who’s Next: Environment and Energy class, we’re showcasing 13 people who are working to ensure that Pittsburgh’s progress on environmental issues only continues to […]

Who's Next / August 13, 2019

Pittsburghpedia: What’s the “Ghost Bomber” — and will we ever find it?

Ever heard somebody mention the Ghost Bomber? Here’s what they’re talking about. Incline illustration / image courtesy of Heinz History Center Know your weird and wonky Pittsburgh terms? This post is part of our Pittsburghpedia series, a handy glossary of words and phrases unique to our city that’ll help you #talklikeyoulivehere. Let’s fill you in. […]

History / July 31, 2019

Oh deer, they’re all does. Where are Pittsburgh’s male deer?

A deer strolls down Oneida Street in Mount Washington. // Photo by Colin Deppen Full disclosure: I am a Pittsburgh transplant. And what most surprised me about this city wasn’t the highway spaghetti that passes for a road system here or the hills or the scarcity of sun.  It was the wild animals.  Trotting turkeys […]

Peculiar Pittsburgh / July 25, 2019