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🗣 Locals to Know: Meet Heather Sedlacko, the mom helping local seniors live fuller lives

Today’s Locals to Know is sponsored by Familylinks. Serving nearly 9,000 people annually, Familylinks offers a variety of family-centered services in the areas of Behavioral Health, Youth & Family Services, Service Coordination and Senior Services. Learn more at familylinks.org, or follow Familylinks on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Tell us about your work—your job and/or any volunteer work. I work as […]

Locals to know / May 24, 2022

Patrick McGinty headshot

🗣 Locals to Know: Meet Patrick McGinty, the author imagining Pittsburgh in 2030

Courtesy of Patrick McGinty Hi Patrick! Who are you? What do you do? I’m a Morningsider and also an assistant professor in the English Department at Slippery Rock University. My debut novel about Pittsburgh’s driverless car sector, TEST DRIVE, will be published on May 24th by teeny, heroic Propeller Books. Wax poetic for a second […]

Arts and culture / May 17, 2022

Several people look at POGOH's new e-bikes in the rain.

POGOH brings e-bikes to stations across Pittsburgh

The weather has been perfect for a bike ride of late. If you don’t own one, POGOH (formerly Healthy Ride) is now here to meet your bicycle needs. “But isn’t biking around Pittsburgh such a hassle with all those hills?” some of you may ask. Great news on that front—about 50% of POGOH’s new fleet consists […]

Uncategorized / May 10, 2022

A group of people pick up trash on a sunny day.

💼 Local Business Spotlight: Healthy Start Pittsburgh

Courtesy of Healthy Start Pittsburgh This inaugural business spotlight is sponsored by Healthy Start Pittsburgh. Their 2022 Maternal and Child Health Gala takes place May 19. Info, tickets, sponsorship opportunities and more are available on Healthy Start’s website, and you can find them on Facebook and Instagram. Please describe your organization. What do you do and how do you do it? […]

Uncategorized / May 10, 2022

A large scallop shell filled with scallop meat and fresh vegetables.

May 2022 Pittsburgh restaurant roundup

This is about as far from vandalism as it gets. @thevandalpgh 👋 Welcome [back]! 🍕 The fun-to-say Alta Via Pizzeria is serving up pies in Bakery Square Tuesday through Sunday as of April.  🇬🇷 Anthos Greek Bakery and Café is now open in Castle Shannon. In addition to classic dishes, the bakery will be cranking […]

Food and drink / May 4, 2022

Kelly Hunt headshot

🗣 Locals to Know: Meet Dr. Kelly Hunt, the Washington County businesswoman helping local entrepreneurs

Courtesy of the SBA Thanks for talking with us! Tell our readers a bit about who you are and what you do with the SBA. I’m the local district director for the U.S. Small Business Administration, or SBA, and we help entrepreneurs and seasoned small business owners in all phases of growth. I’m personally responsible […]

Locals to know / May 3, 2022

A map showing locations of disticts making changes due to CRT.

🎒 Who gets to teach what in Pittsburgh schools?

Updated May 19, 2022. A Pittsburgh-area school district has approved a controversial policy enforcing a “balanced approach” to hot-button issues. Under the new rules in Norwin School District, teachers can discuss controversial topics but must avoid “indoctrinating” students. Those in favor feel the rules will safeguard against instruction in critical race theory, which is typically reserved […]

Good to know / April 25, 2022

A shiny lunar lander with gold foil fuel tanks in a clean white lab.

🌝 A Pittsburgh-built lander is headed to the Moon

Colin Williams The first lander headed to the Moon since the Apollo missions is right here in Pittsburgh. Unveiled during a press conference yesterday that featured NASA administrator Bill Nelson and Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA-8) among others, the Peregrine lander will carry 24 payloads ranging from highly sensitive instruments to a 4-pound rover assembled by CMU students to our satellite. Peregrine is […]

Good to know / April 22, 2022

Andrew Fouts headshot

🗣 Locals to Know: Meet Andrew Fouts, the Chatham Baroque violinist restoring a Manchester home

Today’s Locals to Know is sponsored by Chatham Baroque. New York City-based ensemble East of the River comes to Pittsburgh for two concerts on April 30. Listeners will hear Hebrew, Arabic, and Ladino (Medieval Judaeo-Spanish) in this program consisting of songs and dances from liturgical and folk traditions. For more information, visit www.chathambaroque.org. Hi Andrew! Tell […]

Locals to know / April 21, 2022

George Lange holds up a camera with its focus on his eye.

🗣 Locals to Know: Meet George Lange, the Garfield-based photographer with shots of Bruce Springsteen and the Obamas

George Lange Thanks for talking to The Incline! Tell us a bit more about your photography practice. First, I LOVE The Incline. I have been a big fan since it started and I refer to it all the time to figure out what is happening in our community. (Editor’s note: Thanks, George!) My photo practice started […]

Locals to know / April 12, 2022