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A gloved hand holds a beer up near a Pride flag.

🍻 June 2023 Pittsburgh restaurant roundup

@necromancerbrewing Not gonna lie; this month’s Pittsburgh food news is pretty boozy. We’re pouring updates including some fancy new openings, intriguing changes of the guard and the end of the line for an Oakland favorite. Digest it all below. 👋 Welcome 🍷 City Winery opens this month in the Terminal. Patrons of the New York-based […]

Food and drink / June 1, 2023

A Procrastinator's Guide to the 2023 Primary

A procrastinator’s guide to the 2023 primary election

Welcome to our May 16, 2023 primary guide, Pittsburgh! Your ballot this election will look different depending on your party affiliation (or lack thereof) because of our closed primary system. Ballotpedia’s Sample Ballot Tool is a good way to see what yours will look like. City Paper and WESA already have election guides ready for […]

Elections / May 12, 2023

Salem's Market & Grill

🥪 May 2023 Pittsburgh restaurant roundup

@anyonecantakeapicture Restaurant news came in at a more modest pace for May. In addition to a few openings, there have been some menu changes and teasers for summer additions that you can read about below. 👋 Welcome 🍪 Crumbl Cookies is baking in Bethel. The national chain has fresh cookies ready at its South Road […]

Food and drink / May 2, 2023

🗣️ Locals to Know: Meet Lindsay Surmacz, the Starry Messenger

Today’s Local to Know has a history of combining circus arts with science. This might sound like an unusual combination, but Lindsay Surmacz has turned it into a one-person educational extravaganza, all while being a good Southside neighbor and sharing her circus skills with the city—take it away, Lindsay! Hi, Lindsay! Tell us a bit […]

Locals to know / April 25, 2023

A bottle of beard oil, pot of lotion and plastic-free soap and shaving supplies.

🌍 Earth Day tips and tricks

Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22, and I thought I’d share a few moves I’ve made to cut back on plastic waste and generally be a better steward of the only planet we’ll ever call home. Read on for more! Easy ways to poo-poo plastic 🧼 Groom greener. I’ve raved about local soap in this […]

Good to know / April 21, 2023

Milo Speranza has a short beard, light skin and wears a suit.

🗣️ Locals to Know: Meet Milo Speranzo, owner of Vault Coffeehouse

Larry B (Snappr) Today’s Local to Know has a unique story on how he fell in love with drinking coffee at a later age. His passion eventually led to the creation of his own coffee shop. In a city full of coffeeshops, he is continuing to take steps to ensure his business becomes a space […]

Food and drink / April 18, 2023

Nik Forsberg is a slim light-skinned man with tattoos wearing a gray shirt.

🗣️ Locals to Know: Meet Nik Forsberg, chef & owner at Fet-Fisk

Styled by Quelcy Kogel shot by Matt Dayak Hi, Nik! Pittsburgh isn’t usually thought of as a Nordic hotspot — tell us about the origins of the Fet-Fisk concept. Hi Colin! No, it isn’t — but it’s funny how many Scandinavians have come out of the woodwork to connect with me after hearing about the […]

Food and drink / April 5, 2023

☕ April 2023 Pittsburgh restaurant roundup

@bitesbrewsbridges The café and coffee shop scene continues to grow, while a longstanding fast food place downtown is closing. As always, there will be some fun new options to check out soon, plus, an Eat’n Park staple was a casualty of the same bakery closure that 86’ed Lemon Blennd. Without further ado, here is your […]

Food and drink / April 4, 2023

Townhomes line a hillside near Shell's vast ethylene plant.

👀 From Clairton to Potter Township, locals are watching polluters

Alan Freed/Ambridge Connection 🏭 Shell’s chemical plant in Potter Township has alarmed some locals. With a potentially explosive combination of petrochemical infrastructure, dense housing and lax regulation, some fear environmental disasters on the scale of February’s Norfolk Southern derailment could happen here. In response, individuals and advocacy groups have adopted low-lift strategies to monitor pollution […]

Uncategorized / March 31, 2023

Kyle Haden has dark skin, close-cropped hair and wears a sweater.

🗣️ Locals to Know: Meet director and actor Kyle Haden

Tell our readers what they can expect from “The Devil Is a Lie.” How does it build on the age-old tale of Faust? At the risk of sounding cliché… expect the unexpected. “The Devil Is a Lie” is not your typical theatrical experience. There’s no announcement before the show starts to tell you to please silence […]

Uncategorized / March 30, 2023