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Let’s get together for Wine-ing About Pittsburgh

Let’s make this place better — together. Sure, Pittsburgh is technically a “most livable city.” But … that doesn’t mean it can’t do better. And you can help. At Wine-ing About Pittsburgh, we’ll start with some time to get it all out — over wine, of course. Because whining, complaining, venting, whatever you want to […]

Party with The Incline / March 5, 2020

Pittsburgh food in March 2020: What’s opening and what’s closing

A new spot for healthy options Downtown. (📸: The Standard) Updated 11:24 a.m. March 2 New right now: A grab-and-go spot Downtown, a Scottish brewery, a taste of Hawaii, and a coffeeshop where the drinks are as beautiful as the setting. Here’s the complete report on what’s new in the city’s food and beverage scene (and […]

Arts and culture / March 2, 2020

Expert wine pairings for your fish fry fare

You bring the fish, we’ll bring the wine. (📸 Left: Jasmine Goldband / The Incline. Right: Courtesy of Adam Knoerzer) What goes great with fried fish? Pierogies? Yes. Mac-and-cheese? Definitely. Haluski? My Polish heart is fluttering. Wine? Um, what? Yes, wine actually pairs perfectly with fish fry fare. But not just any wine. Adam Knoerzer, […]

Arts and culture / February 27, 2020

Elevate your love with The Incline: Send a special love note in a really big way

Let’s strike up a conversation. 📸: Laura Ockel on Unsplash Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and maybe you’re thinking about what to get your sweetheart. Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but …  💐 Flowers? They die. 🍫 Candy? It expires. 💎 Jewelry? It tarnishes.  🖋 Handwritten cards? Dogs eat ‘em. 💍 […]

Holidays in the 'Burgh / February 6, 2020

Is this imaginary creation actually Pittsburgh’s perfect candy bar?

Would you eat it? (🎨: Haley Weaver / The Incline) When you walk into Giant Eagle, you already know what’s stocked in the candy aisle: Twix! Snickers! Three Musketeers! And while these classic chocolate bars can hit the spot, what if you’re craving something a little more … Pittsburgh? Trust us, you’re not alone in […]

Food and drink / February 4, 2020

Pittsburgh food in February 2020: What’s opening and what’s closing

A cozy scene inside Emerson’s. 📸: Emerson’s Whew, it was a busy month in Pittsburgh’s food and drink scene. All month, we keep a running list of openings and closings for this story, and we could barely keep up. And that means you’ve got a lot of eating to do. The month kicked off with […]

Food and drink / February 2, 2020

A Pittsburgh spin on the #DollyPartonMemeChallenge

Get you a city that can do it all 😉 (📸: The Incline / Wikimedia Commons) The Dolly Parton Meme Challenge has been the hottest content on the Internet recently, so we decided to get Pittsburgh in on the trend. (Here’s the background on how Dolly became a Meme Queen, by the way). If you follow us on […]

Arts and culture / January 29, 2020

Gaucho is moving from the Strip District to a bigger, beefier Downtown location

Gaucho will soon say ‘so long’ to its Strip District storefront. (📸: Gaucho) After seven years in the Strip District, the beloved Gaucho Parrilla Argentina is moving to a new, bigger location. Sometime this spring, Gaucho will open in a new location Downtown at 146 Sixth Street (the old Six Penn Kitchen) across from Heinz […]

Food and drink / January 20, 2020

Enter to win tickets to Bricolage’s WordPlay

Have you heard of WordPlay? This hybrid storytelling sensation has been growing in popularity since its co-producer, Alan Olifson, brought it to Pittsburgh over 7 years ago. With its steadily growing audience and frequent media buzz, WordPlay has become a staple of Pittsburgh’s literary and theater scene. See WordPlay at Bricolage March 13 or 14. […]

Giveaway / January 4, 2020

Your 2020 Pittsburgh bucket list

Happy 2020! (🎨: The Incline illustration) Welcome to 2020! We hope you can take some time to reflect on the year and to dream about the new year ahead. We’re working on the latter part today with this 2020 bucket list (you may have heard that our director’s kinda into this whole Pittsburgh bucket list thing 😂). […]

Things to do / January 3, 2020