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Love in the time of corona: How these Pittsburghers made the most of a pandemic wedding

If people can’t come to the wedding, bring the wedding to them — virtually. (📸: Courtesy of Emma Kober) While some couples are postponing their wedding days, others want to get married now, COVID-19 be damned. Emma and Jay Kober had one of those unstoppable weddings. As the bride put it, “I would’ve gotten married in […]

COVID-19 / May 5, 2020

Get creative with these coloring sheets by a Pittsburgh artist

Make it colorful. 🎨: Erica Isaac Grab your colored pencils, markers, or crayons, and get ready to create. Pittsburgh-area artist and Incline reader Erica Isaac turned her artwork into coloring sheets to help us all relax while staying home during the pandemic. “For me,” she said, “making these doodles and mandalas is a form of […]

COVID-19 / April 23, 2020

How a Pittsburgh couple pulled off a socially distant wedding

Love and marriage — and Zoom. On their wedding day, Colby and Emily Schaeffer performed their first dance four times.  It wasn’t what they imagined, trading a packed ballroom surrounded by loved ones for a quiet condo with their families watching from afar on Zoom.  But nobody expects to get married in the midst of […]

COVID-19 / April 16, 2020

Stay home and try your hand at this Pittsburgh crossword puzzle

Game on. (🎨: Emma Oxford) Let’s look at the bright side for a moment: It’s a great time to do a really hard crossword puzzle. And Incline reader Emma Oxford is here to help. Emma is a cruciverbalist (definition: A person who makes or solves crossword puzzles) who made a Pittsburgh-themed crossword puzzle just for you. […]

COVID-19 / March 16, 2020

‘New changes. Many choices.’ Haiku about change written by Pittsburghers

We hosted a virtual Haiku Happiness Party with Pittsburgh’s very own Haiku Ninja and 20-some Pittsburghers over Zoom. We talked about themes of “spring” and “change.” And it turned out to be exactly the balm we needed in this hectic, scary, intense time.  So the Haiku Ninja pulled together the verses and turned them into the artwork […]

Arts and culture / March 16, 2020

Let’s get together for Wine-ing About Pittsburgh

Let’s make this place better — together. Sure, Pittsburgh is technically a “most livable city.” But … that doesn’t mean it can’t do better. And you can help. At Wine-ing About Pittsburgh, we’ll start with some time to get it all out — over wine, of course. Because whining, complaining, venting, whatever you want to […]

Party with The Incline / March 5, 2020

Pittsburgh food in March 2020: What’s opening and what’s closing

A new spot for healthy options Downtown. (📸: The Standard) Updated 11:24 a.m. March 2 New right now: A grab-and-go spot Downtown, a Scottish brewery, a taste of Hawaii, and a coffeeshop where the drinks are as beautiful as the setting. Here’s the complete report on what’s new in the city’s food and beverage scene (and […]

Arts and culture / March 2, 2020

Expert wine pairings for your fish fry fare

You bring the fish, we’ll bring the wine. (📸 Left: Jasmine Goldband / The Incline. Right: Courtesy of Adam Knoerzer) What goes great with fried fish? Pierogies? Yes. Mac-and-cheese? Definitely. Haluski? My Polish heart is fluttering. Wine? Um, what? Yes, wine actually pairs perfectly with fish fry fare. But not just any wine. Adam Knoerzer, […]

Arts and culture / February 27, 2020

Elevate your love with The Incline: Send a special love note in a really big way

Let’s strike up a conversation. 📸: Laura Ockel on Unsplash Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and maybe you’re thinking about what to get your sweetheart. Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but …  💐 Flowers? They die. 🍫 Candy? It expires. 💎 Jewelry? It tarnishes.  🖋 Handwritten cards? Dogs eat ‘em. 💍 […]

Holidays in the 'Burgh / February 6, 2020

Is this imaginary creation actually Pittsburgh’s perfect candy bar?

Would you eat it? (🎨: Haley Weaver / The Incline) When you walk into Giant Eagle, you already know what’s stocked in the candy aisle: Twix! Snickers! Three Musketeers! And while these classic chocolate bars can hit the spot, what if you’re craving something a little more … Pittsburgh? Trust us, you’re not alone in […]

Food and drink / February 4, 2020