How to beat coronavirus cabin fever — Pittsburgh style

Stay. Home. Paul McCarthy / Flickr First published March 16, 2020 | Updated June 11, 2020 By now you’ve likely heard the term “social distancing.” And by now we hope you’re practicing it to limit the spread of COVID-19. Need convinced? Read this and this. Now that you’re on board, you may be wondering, “What […]

/ April 29, 2020

10 ways to use your stimulus check to support Pittsburgh — if you can spare it

Give back to the city that you love. (📸: Incline file photo) Stimulus checks are going out — you may have received yours already.  And what Pittsburghers do with that money really matters as local businesses struggle with the economic impacts of this pandemic.  According to economists, every dollar spent locally creates a ripple effect in […]

/ April 28, 2020

The Incline needs your help to weather COVID-19 — here’s why

We can’t do this without you. (📸: The Incline) COVID-19 has turned the world upside down.  And that includes our business. Yup, you’re onto us — we’re going to ask you for money. But first, let us tell you why. And then let us tell you why we think The Incline is worth it.  How […]

/ April 23, 2020

Get creative with these coloring sheets by a Pittsburgh artist

Make it colorful. 🎨: Erica Isaac Grab your colored pencils, markers, or crayons, and get ready to create. Pittsburgh-area artist and Incline reader Erica Isaac turned her artwork into coloring sheets to help us all relax while staying home during the pandemic. “For me,” she said, “making these doodles and mandalas is a form of […]

/ April 23, 2020

Highlighting the helpers: No car? No problem. This Pittsburgh hotline is here to help.

From left: Community Delivery Hotline founder Shanon Williams, volunteer driver Sarah Samm, and volunteer operator Adam Morton. (📸: Photos submitted) Help is out there.  But what if you can’t get there?   Shanon Williams, founder of The Wellness Collective, has created the “Community Delivery Hotline” to bring essential items to Allegheny County residents who might otherwise […]

/ April 21, 2020

How a Pittsburgh couple pulled off a socially distant wedding

Love and marriage — and Zoom. On their wedding day, Colby and Emily Schaeffer performed their first dance four times.  It wasn’t what they imagined, trading a packed ballroom surrounded by loved ones for a quiet condo with their families watching from afar on Zoom.  But nobody expects to get married in the midst of […]

/ April 16, 2020

Pittsburgh ‘porchraits’: The family photo you can’t get out of

Family life on lockdown. (📸: Pati Livengood) The year is 2020 and the front porch is the new outer edge of American life.  Holed up in our homes during an historic pandemic, fresh air is now at a premium, open space — even just a sliver of it — newly prized.   Enter porch picnics, porch talks, porch […]

/ April 9, 2020

Highlighting the helpers: Student newsletters for pandemic times at Carlow

News travels fast. Courtesy of Carlow University As the makers of a newsletter, we’d like to shout-out another newsletter — actually three of them. Carlow University RAs Michaela Pry, Emma Wilson, and Brooke Gallagher are using newsletters they created to buoy students during the pandemic. This includes a number who were unable to return home and […]

/ April 3, 2020

How to get help during the coronavirus pandemic in Pittsburgh

Help is out there. Photo by Ryan Loew/PublicSource. by Pittsburgh news partners || Updated May 28 It’s hard to overstate the impacts of the novel coronavirus on American life. Lots of people are hurting. Lots of people need help. But it’s often hard to know just where to find that help — or even what’s available. […]

/ March 30, 2020

How to help Pittsburghers during the coronavirus pandemic

Always important. 📸: Pittsburgh City Paper by Pittsburgh news partners | Updated May 18 The novel coronavirus is changing how we live and work in very disruptive ways.  These organizations are helping to provide food, money, and other assistance to those impacted by the shutdowns. Here are some ways you can contribute: Food assistance: Donate […]

/ March 20, 2020