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The Incline’s 2022 procrastinator’s guide to the election

Welcome to our 2022 midterm ballot bonanza! There’s a lot to vote on this year in Pittsburgh. Below, we’re rounding up what you need to know heading toward November 8. First up are this year’s statewide elections for Governor and U.S. Senate. There are no state-level amendments to vote on this time around, so outside […]

/ October 28, 2022

🇱🇹 Meet Kaunas, Pittsburgh’s Lithuanian doppelgänger

u/Strategy_Man Kaunas might look like the ’Burgh, but it has an interesting history all its own. What if I told you there was a city nearly the same size and shape as Pittsburgh complete with eerie parallels and its own interesting history? During the worst of the pandemic when we all had plenty of time […]

/ October 18, 2022

🏊 A definitive ranking of Pittsburgh’s public pools

I’m delighted to turn things over to a special guest and someone with whom I spend a large portion of my waking (and sleeping) hours. She spent countless hours this summer in Pittsburgh’s public pools to determine which one was the best overall. Along the way, we visited new neighborhoods, spent time with friends and […]

/ September 7, 2022

🎒 Who gets to teach what in Pittsburgh schools?

Updated May 19, 2022. A Pittsburgh-area school district has approved a controversial policy enforcing a “balanced approach” to hot-button issues. Under the new rules in Norwin School District, teachers can discuss controversial topics but must avoid “indoctrinating” students. Those in favor feel the rules will safeguard against instruction in critical race theory, which is typically reserved […]

/ April 25, 2022

🌝 A Pittsburgh-built lander is headed to the Moon

Colin Williams The first lander headed to the Moon since the Apollo missions is right here in Pittsburgh. Unveiled during a press conference yesterday that featured NASA administrator Bill Nelson and Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA-8) among others, the Peregrine lander will carry 24 payloads ranging from highly sensitive instruments to a 4-pound rover assembled by CMU students to our satellite. Peregrine is […]

/ April 22, 2022

⚽ 7 things to know about the Riverhounds’ 2022 season

By: Colin Williams Pittsburgh has always been a football town. More recently, it’s become a “football” town in a way more internationals would recognize due to Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC, our local USL Championship soccer team (for context, you can think of USL-C as the equivalent of AAA baseball or the NBA’s G League). Are you a […]

/ March 17, 2022

The Incline’s 2021 Procrastinator’s Guide to the Election

It’s almost time for you to do your civic duty and vote! But we know that sometimes these elections can be confusing at best and overwhelming at worst. So in keeping with Incline tradition, we present to you this year’s Procrastinator’s Guide to the Election.

/ October 26, 2021

News, stories, and resources for Mental Illness Awareness week

For Mental Illness Awareness week, The Incline highlighted relevant news, personal stories, and community resources about mental health in Pittsburgh.

/ October 12, 2021

The Monkey Balls of Pittsburgh

‘What’s up with the monkey balls?’ The story of Pittsburgh’s weirdest tree It’s a tale of woolly mammoth poop, agricultural innovation, and evolutionary anomaly. Shh … nobody tell the monkey ball trees. Their dense, sticky fruit used to feed woolly mammoths 10,000-some years ago. The giant creatures are gone now, of course, but the trees […]

/ February 17, 2021