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🗣️ Locals to Know: Meet Lindsay Surmacz, the Starry Messenger

Today’s Local to Know has a history of combining circus arts with science. This might sound like an unusual combination, but Lindsay Surmacz has turned it into a one-person educational extravaganza, all while being a good Southside neighbor and sharing her circus skills with the city—take it away, Lindsay! Hi, Lindsay! Tell us a bit […]

/ April 25, 2023

🗣️ Locals to Know: Meet Milo Speranzo, owner of Vault Coffeehouse

Larry B (Snappr) Today’s Local to Know has a unique story on how he fell in love with drinking coffee at a later age. His passion eventually led to the creation of his own coffee shop. In a city full of coffeeshops, he is continuing to take steps to ensure his business becomes a space […]

/ April 18, 2023

🗣️ Locals to Know: Meet Nik Forsberg, chef & owner at Fet-Fisk

Styled by Quelcy Kogel shot by Matt Dayak Hi, Nik! Pittsburgh isn’t usually thought of as a Nordic hotspot — tell us about the origins of the Fet-Fisk concept. Hi Colin! No, it isn’t — but it’s funny how many Scandinavians have come out of the woodwork to connect with me after hearing about the […]

/ April 5, 2023

🗣️ Meet the local singing everywhere from PNC Park to Western Psych

Today’s Local to Know interview was sponsored by Pittsburgh Opera. Catch Marianne in “Il Trovatore” March 28, 31 and April 2 at the Benedum Center. Today’s Local to Know has sung the national anthem at Pittsburgh sports games and graces the stage as Azucena in Pittsburgh Opera’s production of “Il Trovatore.” Meet Marianne Cornetti, opera […]

/ March 28, 2023

🗣️ Meet the local interning with The Incline

If you’ve read our coverage of Pitt basketball over the past few months, chances are you’ve been reading the work of today’s Local to Know. He’s been interning with The Incline since early February and has been a vital part of our newsletter since then, helping keep our events calendar full of goodness and our […]

/ March 21, 2023

🗣 Locals to Know: Meet the Pitt alumni behind M@C Discount

Today’s Locals to Know interview is sponsored by M@C Discount. Save returns from the landfill and shop unique finds during more than 50,000 daily auctions at up to an 80% discount by visiting mac.bid. Our interviewees today are always on the lookout for choice finds that fall through the cracks of online retail. Meet Kellen […]

/ February 28, 2023

🗣 Locals to Know: Meet Justin Binion, wealth advisor and volunteer

Today’s Local to Know knows a thing or two about the ups and downs of wealth management. He worked in the sports industry for some time before realizing that he could tap into a profession that was underrepresented. In his spare time, he does work for the non-profit organization Allies for Children and speaks at […]

/ February 14, 2023

🗣 Locals to Know: Meet Kathleen McGuire Gaines, dancer and mental health advocate

Today’s Local to Know trained at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and danced professionally elsewhere before injuries impacted her mental health. This set her to wondering: why doesn’t the dance world care for brains to the same extent as bodies? Meet Kathleen McGuire Gaines, founder of dance mental health organization Minding the Gap. Read on for more […]

/ February 7, 2023

🗣 Locals to Know: Meet Alex Mayr-Gracik, jeweler, mom and art lover

This Locals to Know is sponsored by Sabika Jewelry. Sabika is a company by women for everyone offering jewelry that unlocks opportunities, inspires joyful confidence and celebrates the unique beauty in all of us. Shop their newest collection today. Today’s Local to Know specializes in adornment. She’s the leader of a woman-owned business that’s been crafting […]

/ January 31, 2023

🗣 Locals to Know: Meet INEZ, New Year’s Eve headliner

Courtesy of UniSound INEZ is a Pittsburgh-based multidisciplinary musician and artist who has recorded albums, created community spaces and collaborated with artist groups — INEZ was recently welcomed into the latest cohort of UniSound’s Black Teaching Artist in Residence (BTAR) program, a nine-month paid residency that connects art practitioners with area young people. You’ll almost […]

/ December 20, 2022