🗣 Locals to Know: Meet Staycee Pearl and Soy Sos, dance innovators

Today’s Locals to Know keep their organization’s calendar full with dance classes, showcases and collaborations: meet Staycee and Herman “Soy Sos” Pearl, founders of PearlArts. Staycee and Soy Sos, as well as the artists they support, use dance to explore identity and social issues while pushing the boundaries of the artform to include immersive sound experiences and striking […]

/ August 3, 2022

Bishop Ivy – a Pittsburgh star

Pittsburgh, we have a star. Bishop Ivy. His is a name Pittsburgh peeps need to have on their radar. Take a little Fleet Foxes (think Shores), Freelance Whales (think Enzymes), maybe a drop of Glen Phillips, and, well, at this point you should get the drift. Bishop Ivy offers up a familiar, definitely-want-this-music-on-your-playlist vibe, but […]

/ June 20, 2021

Protected: PK Delay and Pet Zebra – the Pittsburgh rappers strike again

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

/ May 10, 2021

An Online Music Gem for Yinzers

Want to see your favorite bands in concert but they aren’t coming to town? Even better, want to revisit the concerts that were in town? In Pittsburgh? We thought so. The Pittsburgh Music Vault is a YouTube Channel that has just about every major indie/alternative/rock/metal concert video (sometimes audio) that has happened in Pittsburgh (and […]

/ January 29, 2021