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Carve your Pittsburgh Pumpk-yinz

Did yinz get your carving pumpkins yet? It’s getting closer to Halloween, and we’re pulling these 11 Pittsburgh-themed jack-o’-lantern patterns out of the archives (plus one new design) to get you ready for the 31st. So get out your carving tools, scoop the guts and goop, and make your jack-o’-lantern glow.

/ October 21, 2021

Learn how to bargain hunt from these Pittsburgh thrifters

Ready to find a good deal? Grab your cart, bring some cash, and get ready to scavenge for treasures because it’s National Thrift Shop Day! In a time where the fashion industry contributes to 1/10 of the world’s carbon emissions (a number greater than all international flights and maritime shipping combined), we wanted to celebrate some local people and shops that help us live affordably, be good to the planet, find our unique style, and make Pittsburgh a better place.

/ August 16, 2021

How to commemorate Juneteenth 2021 in Pittsburgh

Juneteenth is here, and it’s the first time the City of Pittsburgh, the state of Pennsylvania, and the entire U.S. are commemorating it as a holiday, together. With widespread protests in 2020 following the police murder of George Floyd, 2021 is continuing the critical conversations about racism, police brutality, and being Black in America.

/ June 17, 2021

13 ways to celebrate 143 Day in Pittsburgh

As a way to honor Fred Rogers’ legacy of kindness, Gov. Tom Wolf has proclaimed May 23 as “1-4-3 Day” and is asking Pennsylvanians to show gratitude to one another, today through Sunday. If yinz are looking for a little inspiration, we came up with a list of 13 ways you can celebrate #143DayInPA in the place that Mr. Rogers called home.

/ May 20, 2021

The procrastinator’s guide to Pittsburgh’s 2020 general election

(📸: Incline illustration) It’s time — time to bring this “messy” and “unprecedented” pandemic election home.  If you (understandably) have found yourself confused by the many twists and turns of this year’s mail-in voting push, or if you’ve (understandably) fallen behind on your voter prep this year, we’re here to help.  First things first. We’ve got […]

/ October 12, 2020

Pittsburgh – Extreme Fun

Biking – Pittsburgh Extreme Fun The Wheel Mill (a local thing!) The Jump Room 12,000 Square feet of jump lines, set up to mimic the feeling of riding some of Pennsylvania’s many world class trails. Designed in collaboration with professional BMX riders to ensure you get that true trail feeling. MTB Lessons BMX Lessons Mountain […]

/ June 14, 2020

Pittsburgh – Extreme Fun for Kids

  BIKING The Wheel Mill For Small Kids Learn to Ride Bikes – Lessons for Children Bike Camp for Kids For More Experienced Bikers MTB Lessons BMX Lessons Mountain Bike Classes For the adults – visit here! The Jump Room 12,000 Square feet of jump lines, set up to mimic the feeling of riding some […]

/ June 14, 2020

How to beat coronavirus cabin fever — Pittsburgh style

Stay. Home. Paul McCarthy / Flickr First published March 16, 2020 | Updated June 11, 2020 By now you’ve likely heard the term “social distancing.” And by now we hope you’re practicing it to limit the spread of COVID-19. Need convinced? Read this and this. Now that you’re on board, you may be wondering, “What […]

/ April 29, 2020

10 ways to use your stimulus check to support Pittsburgh — if you can spare it

Give back to the city that you love. (📸: Incline file photo) Stimulus checks are going out — you may have received yours already.  And what Pittsburghers do with that money really matters as local businesses struggle with the economic impacts of this pandemic.  According to economists, every dollar spent locally creates a ripple effect in […]

/ April 28, 2020

Get creative with these coloring sheets by a Pittsburgh artist

Make it colorful. 🎨: Erica Isaac Grab your colored pencils, markers, or crayons, and get ready to create. Pittsburgh-area artist and Incline reader Erica Isaac turned her artwork into coloring sheets to help us all relax while staying home during the pandemic. “For me,” she said, “making these doodles and mandalas is a form of […]

/ April 23, 2020