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10 ways to use your stimulus check to support Pittsburgh — if you can spare it

Give back to the city that you love. (📸: Incline file photo) Stimulus checks are going out — you may have received yours already.  And what Pittsburghers do with that money really matters as local businesses struggle with the economic impacts of this pandemic.  According to economists, every dollar spent locally creates a ripple effect in […]

/ April 28, 2020

Get creative with these coloring sheets by a Pittsburgh artist

Make it colorful. 🎨: Erica Isaac Grab your colored pencils, markers, or crayons, and get ready to create. Pittsburgh-area artist and Incline reader Erica Isaac turned her artwork into coloring sheets to help us all relax while staying home during the pandemic. “For me,” she said, “making these doodles and mandalas is a form of […]

/ April 23, 2020

Pittsburgh ‘porchraits’: The family photo you can’t get out of

Family life on lockdown. (📸: Pati Livengood) The year is 2020 and the front porch is the new outer edge of American life.  Holed up in our homes during an historic pandemic, fresh air is now at a premium, open space — even just a sliver of it — newly prized.   Enter porch picnics, porch talks, porch […]

/ April 9, 2020

It’s o-fish-al: Meet the 2020 Ultimate Pittsburgh Fish Fry

St. Sava really tipped the scales. (🎨: The Incline illustration) They are the champions.  Thirty-one opponents and thousands of votes later, St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in McKeesport has won the 2020 Ultimate Pittsburgh Fish Fry Bracket, capping an unusual and abbreviated fish fry season with a resounding victory. More than 2,410 votes came in […]

/ April 3, 2020

Stay home and try your hand at this Pittsburgh crossword puzzle

Game on. (🎨: Emma Oxford) Let’s look at the bright side for a moment: It’s a great time to do a really hard crossword puzzle. And Incline reader Emma Oxford is here to help. Emma is a cruciverbalist (definition: A person who makes or solves crossword puzzles) who made a Pittsburgh-themed crossword puzzle just for you. […]

/ March 16, 2020

Let’s get together for Wine-ing About Pittsburgh

Let’s make this place better — together. Sure, Pittsburgh is technically a “most livable city.” But … that doesn’t mean it can’t do better. And you can help. At Wine-ing About Pittsburgh, we’ll start with some time to get it all out — over wine, of course. Because whining, complaining, venting, whatever you want to […]

/ March 5, 2020

Pittsburgh food in February 2020: What’s opening and what’s closing

A cozy scene inside Emerson’s. 📸: Emerson’s Whew, it was a busy month in Pittsburgh’s food and drink scene. All month, we keep a running list of openings and closings for this story, and we could barely keep up. And that means you’ve got a lot of eating to do. The month kicked off with […]

/ February 2, 2020

This quirky Pittsburgh-area museum is music to eccentric ears

Prepare to be amazed. (📹: Kayla O’Brien / The Incline) Peek inside The Bayernhof Museum with us.  It’s a quirky 19,000 square foot museum and the former residence of the museum’s late founder Charles B. Brown III (yes, Charlie Brown).  Inside, you’ll find a world-class collection of music boxes and other antique automatic music machines. […]

/ January 21, 2020

How to enjoy January in Pittsburgh: Fresh juice, good food, and hygge vibes

Let’s make the best of this fresh start. (🎨: Haley Weaver / The Incline) Are you a fan of January? When it comes to the months of the year, it’s no secret that January gets a bad rap. It’s the post-holiday hangover no one asked for. The sun sets way too early. And those New […]

/ January 17, 2020

Come spy with us, Pittsburgh 👀

Where’s this face? (📸: Colin Deppen / The Incline) Think you know Pittsburgh? Well, now you can prove it. Our “I Spy Pittsburgh” series asks readers, like you, to pinpoint a local landmark based on a close-up photo. Here’s how it works:  We publish a close-up photo in our newsletter and, if we’re feeling generous, […]

/ January 13, 2020