Food and Culture Editor

The Incline, a Pittsburgh-based local news startup, is looking for an experienced, innovative professional to work as a food and culture editor.

The ideal candidate is a problem-solver, excels at interpersonal relations and customer service, and has a knack for spotting trends. This role will help establish the site’s tone, tenor and content mix. You should know when to write an in-depth article about the beer scene that can’t be found elsewhere or when a RT about a restaurant opening will suffice. If you want to be the fourth person to write up the same press release, we’re not for you.

Interested in figuring out what food and culture stories have the biggest impact in Pittsburgh, how to promote them, and how to spot and fill in the blanks? Read on.

What You’ll Do

  • Write and edit articles and create and curate content for our mobile-first news platform, with an eye toward the most engaging and interesting stories in the city. Figure out how those stories will best resonate with our readers, and experiment with storytelling forms.
  • Manage our website, newsletters and social media on weekends. You’d probably be out trying the newest restaurant or heading to a show anyways, so we’ll give you the reins. This is a full-time position, with flexible hours, though you will work weekends.
  • Pitch (pitch, pitch, pitch), report and write compelling original stories that aren’t being covered elsewhere: That’s news and trends in subjects ranging from food and drink to arts and entertainment — as well how those topics intersect with politics, government and neighborhoods. We’re interested in the why and how; unique angles are a must. For example: If there’s a certain area experiencing a big restaurant boom, what factors led to it, and how is it affecting longtime residents? How are the more established classical music production houses using social media or otherwise attracting new audiences? What’s the environmental impact of a brewpub, and how are local outfits working to reduce theirs? Do people in tech favor certain bars or clubs?
  • Work with our experienced visual producer on video and photo projects.
  • Recruit and oversee freelancers to supplement your coverage of Pittsburgh’s food and culture scene.
  • Help drive engagement across Pittsburgh’s news ecosystem with an emphasis — but not a monopoly — on staff-created content. Don’t aggregate. Link! Write engaging headlines and social media hooks for the biggest stories in the city every day, with an emphasis on breaking news and engaging communities of interest.
  • Establish The Incline’s brand across the city and the industry via social media, live events and other means.

We’re Looking For

  • At least three years experience as a food and culture reporter and/or editor for news outlets.
  • Extensive pitching experience and the ability to jump in with same-day stories when other plans fall through.
  • A strong track record of using social media to find and draw audience around news — we’ll be looking at your Twitter follower ratio, folks. Bonus points if you’ve managed social media platforms for brands.
  • A commitment to collaboration, both inside and outside the organization.
  • A positive, can-do attitude.


Send a cover letter and resume to with the subject line Food and Culture Editor.


Sports freelance reporters

Here at The Incline, we’re expanding our sports coverage and are looking to hire local freelance writers to cover the city’s professional and college sports teams. This is a pitch-heavy opportunity for Pittsburgh-based writers with interesting ideas and quality stories to tell.

We aren’t looking for beat writers or people who want to be beat writers. Our city already has a bunch of really great beat writers, so adding to that group and telling those same stories over and over again won’t serve our audience. Rather, we want to tell cool stories, and we want to find unique angles to the stories already being told.


Send a cover letter detailing your experience and links to at least three published work samples to and, subject: “Sports freelance.” More links, professional references and other info are welcome, but only if you think they’ll help.