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Jun 14 2019

🛁 Get sucked in by this ‘The Bathtub’ explainer

Plus, the newest attraction at Kennywood: Heinz ketchup.

Can we assign you some homework this weekend? We’re looking for nominations for our Who’s Next: Technology class. Who’s making moves in Pittsburgh’s tech scene? Tell us here before the deadline at 10 a.m. Monday.

In the meantime, read up on today’s news, which includes a new attempt to control exotic pets, Heinz ketchup’s
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Jun 13 2019

🤔 Are we all mispronouncing ‘Pittsburgh’?

Plus, the coolest bands, art, and activities at the Arts Festival.

Hello and congratulations, you made it to Thursday.

We’re celebrating this accomplishment by giving away two tickets to a boot camp on the field of Highmark Stadium this Saturday, led by Who’s Nexter Jordan Rose in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Western Pennsylvania. Win-win-win.

Be sure to enter for your chan
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Jun 12 2019

🏖 A guide to local pools, spray parks, and lakes

Plus, the ultimate Pittsburgh pie road trip.

Welcome to Wednesday and pie season, my favorite time of year. Good Food Pittsburgh created this drool-worthy Ultimate Pittsburgh Pie Road Trip, detailing delicacies like strawberry rhubarb, coconut cream, and cherry, and now I know what I’m doing with my weekend.

Pro-tip: You can find Sand Hill Berries pies at the read more

Jun 11 2019

🚧 What’s next for the Strip District Produce Terminal

Plus, an apartment guide for nebby Pittsburghers.

Happy Tuesday, Pittsburgh, and happy alligator season, apparently. In case you missed it, there have been three alligators found in Pittsburgh in less than a month, the latest a two-and-a-half-footer discovered on the front porch of a Carrick home over the weekend. Before that, it was an “angry” five-footer found in Beechview, and a three-footer on the South more

Jun 10 2019

💭 A new catchphrase for Pittsburgh

Plus, art stolen from Three Rivers Arts Festival.

Happy Mollusk Monday. Yes, you read that right: Mollusk Monday.

We were delighted to stumble upon Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s #MolluskMonday series on Twitter, which features the museum’s mollusk curator telling snail jokes. Here’s a recent entry. And here’s our favorite one so far.

Start your we
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Jun 07 2019

🏳️‍🌈 A guide to Pittsburgh Pride 2019

Plus, the bearers of bad Bigfoot news.

Happy Friday and good morning to everyone except the buzzkills at the FBI.

Since Pennsylvania is a hotbed for Bigfoot mania, with state officials citing 1,340 reported sightings here, the third highest total in the nation, we thought we’d start today by sa-squashing everyone’s hopes a bit.

Newly released FBI documents show that hair samples from a suspected Bigfoot analyzed in the 197
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Jun 06 2019

🤔 What have you always wondered about Pittsburgh?

Plus, the Steelers vs. the mayor.

Hi there. Today is Thursday, and it seems like a perfect day to nominate someone for our latest Who’s Next class.

This week we introduced you to 19 Pittsburgh educators you should know, and now we’re getting ready to honor rising stars in Pittsburgh’s tech scene.

But we need you to nominate them first. So read more

Jun 05 2019

🔮 A message for Pittsburghers of 2120

Plus, meet the educators shaping Pittsburgh.

Wednesday is here along with a new Who’s Next class. This month, we’re recognizing Pittsburgh educators, and we’ve assembled a group of 19 standouts you should know.

But first, we’ve got the news of the day, from recycling shake-ups to a public transit plan to an intriguing time capsule to drama at Kennywood — again. Here’s wha
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Jun 04 2019

🍺 Pittsburgh brewery Connect Four

Plus, peek inside Wilkinsburg’s The Sleeping Octopus.

Hello and welcome to Tuesday.

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish today, perhaps you’d like to try Black Forge Coffee House’s newest beverage, the Black Hole. It consists of six shots of espresso on ice — “speed-in-a-cup” and a “slap in the face,” as Pittsburgh City Paper des
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Jun 03 2019

🚊 ‘The T’ doesn’t stand for what you think

Nope, it’s not for ‘trolley.’

Good morning and happy Monday! We’ve made some big changes around here over the weekend.

As you remember, The Incline switched ownership a few months back, and that means we’ve switched over our website to a new system to bring you some cool new features and benefits, including a
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