🛍 Where to shop for Black Business Month

🛍 Where to shop for Black Business Month

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The story behind the story

Putting this YouTuber in the spotlight 

Rossilynne: How did you come up with the idea?

C: We’d been getting emails from readers to check out Dean Bog’s work. I also had one of his videos texted to me by my mother-in-law, and my wife, Katie, became a fan, as I explained — in excruciating detail — in the article I wrote.

R: What do you think makes Dean’s videos so special?

C: The production value, his offbeat subjects, the fact that these videos capture an edge or grit that plenty of people worry Pittsburgh is losing or has already lost.

R: What hurdles did you face in telling the story?

C: Trying to pin down the things — some mentioned above — that make Bog’s videos resonate so much in a city that’s already awash in self-referential content.

R: What’s going on with Dean these days?

C: Dean broke part of his ankle in a fall at Ohiopyle this spring and his YouTube channel has been quiet since. We’ve received emails from readers asking where he’s gone, and I finally have some news.

When I reached Dean by text the other day, he said he just started to take his first steps and hopes to be walking normally in about two weeks. He’s also ready to get back to work and said on Instagram that he plans “on making videos for a long long time” and “will be back on the Tube before ya know it.”

R: What’s your favorite Dean Bog video?

C: This is a tough one. I’m partial to his Mount Washington episode because of the funambulism stuff — and also because I live there and love The Mount. But The Run is the first one I saw and the one that made me immediately come back for more.

Check out Dean’s work here.


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One more thing...

Make this weekend magical by watching a magic show at home. Liberty Magic has a series of free performances available on Facebook. While they’re no substitute for being in the theater in-person, they work well for now.

Fun fact: Pittsburgh has a long history with magic. It was even a top tour spot on vaudeville circuits in the 1920s. ✨

Enjoy the day and the weekend. We’ll see you back here on Tuesday.

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