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Oct 29 2019

🚌 Brace yourself: Sinkhole memes ahead

Plus, this tarot deck is peak Pittsburgh.

Welcome to Tuesday in one of the most romantic states in America.

Seriously. Our fair commonwealth was ranked fourth for romance and dating and seventh for dating opportunities by Insider. The article recommends going sightseeing in beautiful Pittsburgh (woo!) or Philadelphia (boo!).

Speaking of l
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Oct 28 2019

🌽 The most yinzer candy corn debate

Plus, 'hatred can't weaken a city of steel.'

Happy Monday and happy Halloweek! 

If you’re still looking for a costume idea, our state’s governor has some ideas. Just pick your birth month and your favorite color and voila — instant costume idea.

And if you’re still looking for jack-
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Oct 25 2019

🕯 'Remember Repair Together'

Plus, we want to draw your love story.

Welcome to Friday.

There is a somber weekend ahead in Pittsburgh, as Sunday marks one year since the mass shooting at Tree of Life synagogue, the deadliest attack on Jews in U.S. history.

We’re looking at what’s changed in the past year, listing details of commemoration events this weekend, sharing our interview with the archivist capturing it all, and remembering the 11 lives lost.

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Oct 24 2019

🙌 What a night

Plus, these robots need a reboot.

Hey hey, it’s Thursday, but we’re still thinking about Wednesday.

Our third birthday party was last night, and we’re still feeling the glow. The event was a blast, full of old friends and new ones and plenty of meaningful conversations about some of the most pressing issues in this city of ours.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us. And a very special thank you to all our panelists who helped us suss out What’s Next in Pittsburgh tech, heal
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Oct 23 2019

💛 Show your 412 love tonight

Plus, 100 words around the Mexican War Streets.

Welcome to Wednesday, a.k.a. Incline party night! 

In case you haven’t heard us talking about this party all month, here’s what you need to know:

It’s tonight at Nova Place. You can get your tickets here. Expect awesome local food, local beer, deep talks about Pittsburgh’s future (more on that below), Pittsburgh-themed nerdery, lots of fun, and oh-so-
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Oct 22 2019

🎉 You're coming to this party, right?

Plus, a Pittsburgh Pumpkin Spice Roadtrip.

Hey there, it’s Tuesday, which means it’s almost party day! 

We’re celebrating three years of The Incline tomorrow, featuring …

🍻 Brew Gentlemen beer

😋 Food from Nancy’s Revival, Onesti’s Best, and Rolling Pepperoni

❓ A Pittsburgh-themed crossword puzzle

📣 Deep conversations about what’s next in Pittsburgh tech, transit, and health

🌟 A celebration of more than 550 Who’s Next honoreesread more

Oct 21 2019

🏛 Where the 1880s meet the 1980s

Plus, don’t hold back, Incline readers.

Hello and welcome to the week. Have we told you lately how nice it is to see you here, hanging out with us in your inbox? Maybe we’re a routine stop on your way to the weekday. Or maybe it’s been a while and you’re here to catch up on the news.

Either way, we’re out to make this here newsletter as useful and awesome as it can be for you. And if you can take just five minutes to tell us more about how you check in with our Pittsburgh newsletter in <
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Oct 18 2019

🎃 See 1,000-pound pumpkins this weekend

Plus, Pittsburgh vs. L.A. hot takes.

Hello and happy Friday. And a hearty welcome back to myself.

That’s right, I’ve returned from my vacation to sunny Los Angeles to find Pittsburgh’s cloud cover as oppressive as ever.

I’ve also returned with a quick list of Pittsburgh-based hot takes and tidbits gleaned from my week in La La Land. Here they are: 

  • LA also has a Mount Washington neighborhood — and it once had an incline.
  • LA still has an operating inclin
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Oct 17 2019

🏈 Bienvenidos, Steelers fans

Plus, grocery delivery from the future.

Hey hey, it’s Thursday.

Don’t wait until the weekend to have all your fun. Start tonight with a Harry Potter quiz night, Halloween trivia, or yoga with cats. Keep scrolling for all the details.

But first, the news: International love for the Steelers, futuristic grocery delivery, new-and-improved airport food, and an introduction to our very own Colin.

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Oct 16 2019

👋 Allow us to introduce ourselves ...

Plus, the weirdest stuff up for auction at the airport.

Welcome to Wednesday, a.k.a. one week until our birthday party!

In case you haven’t heard … The Incline turned three, and we’re throwing a party for Pittsburgh. It’s one week from today on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at Nova Place on the North Side. We’ll celebrate our 557 (!!!) remarkable Who’s Nexters, play Pittsburgh crosswords, drink Brew Ge
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