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Jul 05 2019

🐻 How to interact with furries

Plus, a very lazy river at Sandcastle.

The smoke has cleared over Pittsburgh, my dog’s heart rate is back to normal, and we’ve got one more work day before the (real) weekend arrives. We’ve got one more newsletter, too — this one, in fact — and it’s got everything: the return of the furries, a how-to on beating the heat, and your weekend plans, made easy. So let’s dig right in.

Colin at The Incl
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Jul 03 2019

🎆 How to celebrate July 4 in Pittsburgh

Plus, one of the world’s best gay bars is right here.

Happy Wednesday-that-feels-like-Friday. 

To help you get ready to celebrate Independence Day, we’ve got the rundown on how to commemorate the day, where to watch the fireworks, and how to get around.

Rossilynne at The Incline

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Jul 02 2019

🚲 The bikelash is dead. Long live the bikelash

Plus, Phil Kessel 4eva.

Hello and happy Tuesday. In case you missed it, Phil Kessel — a Pittsburgh Penguins fan favorite and preferred mayoral write-in candidate — is leaving Pittsburgh for the comparatively sun-damaged state of Arizona.

Kessel, who brought us two Stanley Cups and a congressional library worth of memes, read more

Jul 01 2019

🔥 July’s hottest new restaurants and bars

Plus, the Steel Curtain cometh.

Good morning, and welcome to the week (and the month). 

We’re kicking off the week with an update on Pittsburgh’s food and drink scene. There’s also good news for thrill-seekers at Kennywood and bad news for concert-goers at Key Bank Pavilion.

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Jun 28 2019

📜 50 facts about Fort Pitt for the museum’s 50th

Plus, does Pittsburgh hold the secret to bus ridership?

Hello and Happy Friday! How are your weekend plans taking shape?

If you’re looking for something to do, check out the Fort Pitt celebrations — more on that below.

Not to brag or anything, but my plans are already fully formed. I’ll be hitting the open road to attend the wedding of friend and former I
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Jun 27 2019

👟 A pedestrian paradise coming to Downtown

Plus, it’s last call for sweet treats at this iconic bakery.

Let’s ease into this Thursday with some cuteness.

Meet Alice and Patch, beavers raising seven wiggly beaver kits at the Pittsburgh Zoo. And then there’s this litter of fuzzy lynx kittens who are “becoming extremely active and more curious” and learning to meow. Cute overload.

Now, onto t
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Jun 26 2019

⏳ Go back in time at Carnegie Library this summer

Plus, there’s an airplane inside this new community center.

Happy Wednesday from your friendly Pittsburgh history nerd (👋).

For me, digging into Pittsburgh’s past is such a thrill, like so much that I live in a historic building, photograph old advertising signs, and read as much about our town’s heritage as possible. So I’m particularly excited to tell you about Colin’s story in today’s newsletter. It involves not just cool history but also a scaveng
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Jun 25 2019

👑 This symphony’s a real drag ... show

Plus, the messages on Pittsburgh’s new Clemente mural.

It’s Tuesday, and that means we’re one day away from celebrating our latest Who’s Next: Education class.

Come out and meet 19 up-and-comers making education better in Pittsburgh — everyone from boosters of student journalism, instructors working to keep the arts alive in schools, administrators with creative responses to budget constraint
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Jun 24 2019

😎 You know it’s summer in Pittsburgh when …

Plus, Pennsylvania’s toilet history doesn’t stink.

Hey, yinz: It’s Monday (boo) and the first full week of summer (yay).

So, how do you know it’s summer in Pittsburgh (other than when the calendar says so?). You all have some very creative ideas about that, and we drew them for you below.

But first, the news: Changes at Pittsburgh Public Schools to support a growing immigrant population, the region’s food identity, and a star for Pittsburgh’s star Billy Porter.

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Jun 21 2019

🎶 Your guide to outdoor music in Pittsburgh

Plus, meet the guy who loved Pittsburgh’s dirt.

It’s official: Today is the first day of summer. It’s also Friday, so yay us. In Pittsburgh, the arrival of the summer solstice means one thing — well, two: It will be hot, and there’s a ton going on.

Luckily, we can help on both fronts. You’ll find a running — and painstakingly curated — list of happenings at the bottom of this newsletter each day. We’ve also assembled a read more