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Oct 15 2019

🎵 ‘Lucy in the Strip with Banh Mi’

Plus, what do you want to ask Pittsburgh’s rising stars?

Hey there and welcome to Tuesday. We’re halfway through October, so the countdown to Halloween is on.

If you haven’t gotten your costume yet, maybe these local kids from 1920 could provide some outfit inspiration. I have no idea what they are, but I know I’m terrified of them.

Or for a more 2019 approach, check out read more

Oct 14 2019

🌈 ‘An exploded rainbow dipped in a dream’

Plus, how Lizzo inspired Port Authority.

Hello and welcome to the week. 

Let’s kick it off on a beautiful note at the iconic Randyland. Pittsburgh Orbit describes it as “an exploded rainbow dipped in a dream” and says no matter how many times you’ve visited, there’s something more to see.

We’ve got another beautiful rainbow coming up, along with the
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Oct 11 2019

🍪 The unspoken rules of Pittsburgh

Plus, where to pick your pumpkin this weekend.

Oh my gourd, it’s a fall Friday, and you’ve got to see this 1,200-pound pumpkin grown just outside of Pittsburgh. The pumpkin, which will compete in a weigh-off, even has a name: Aggie.

If you want to pick your own great pumpkin this weekend, we’ve got a round-up of read more

Oct 10 2019

⚰️ DIY skills you can take to the grave

Plus, this I Spy is sure to stump you.

Happy Thursday — Throwback Thursday, to be precise.

We’re sharing a cool look back at Oakland from the 1920s. It seems traffic was just as bad back then.

In present-day news, we’ve got a look at a new way to get involved with Pittsburgh’s tech scene, the details on a DIY coffin class (seriously), and our latest I Spy challenge.

Looking into the future, we’re counting the days ’til our big birthday bash, read more

Oct 09 2019

🏀 The weird, cool, and wtf of Pittsburgh Airbnb

Plus, more national love for the Steel City.

Hello and welcome to Wednesday. Not to be that guy, but my weekend has already begun. That’s because I’m going on vacation, but not before dropping a new article about Pittsburgh’s lovably quirky Airbnb Experience scene.

If you’ve always wanted twerking lessons in Riverview Park, to walk through Frick with a “famous hairless dog,” to help East End Flat Earthers see the errors of their ways, or to play b-ball with former WTAE reporter Beau Berm
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Oct 08 2019

😋 A big reason to eat pierogies today

Plus, calling all Ghostbusters to Monongahela.

Hey hey, it’s Tuesday, and it’s the best holiday of the year: National Pierogi Day (!!!). 

Yes, apparently this buttery, oniony celebration is a real thing. Mrs. T’s is even launching its search for a CPO (Chief Pierogy Officer), a role that includes a year’s supply of pierogies, business cards, and recipe tasting. Sounds like a dream job. We hope you’ll celebrate the holiday
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Oct 07 2019

📜 Our ‘yinz’ was almost ‘y’all?’

Plus, help us honor Pittsburgh’s first responders.

Welcome to the week, all.

After last week’s muggy temps, fall is in the air, and this meme about the season made us actually lol. Even the National Weather Service is excited about the cool breeze advising us all to “break out the pumpkin spice and the fleece pullovers.” Speaking of which, Starbucks is fine and a
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Oct 04 2019

😲 Dinosaurs and gators and owls — oh my

Plus, what to do this weekend in Pittsburgh.

Hey hey, it’s Friday!

What are you doing this weekend? I’m going to Doors Open Pittsburgh (keep scrolling for more) and can’t wait to explore. I’m also making a whole bunch of pies for some very special birthdays and can’t wait to eat them.

But before dessert, let’s digest the news: The tale of Pittsburgh’s latest gator, the first-person account of a black woman “living in this Pittsburgh nightmare,” the answer to our
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Oct 03 2019

🐾 Whose toes are those?

Plus, how Pittsburgh is spending your tax dollars.

Happy Thursday — or Friday Junior, as the cool kids call it.

But before we get to the weekend, there’s a lot of ground to cover, like … how Pittsburgh wants to spend your tax dollars, a dizzying idea for a Pittsburgh hyperloop, and the latest in our I Spy series. Keep on scrolling.

Rossilynne & Colin at The Inclineread more

Oct 02 2019

🤖 What to know about Robotics Row

Plus, register to vote — right now.

Hey hey, it’s Wednesday.

We’ve got an important item for your to-do list today, fellow Pennsylvanians: Register to vote. You’ve got until Monday, Oct. 7, to apply for a new voter registration or make changes to your existing registration ahead of the Nov. 5 municipal election. Here’s how (pro-tip: it’s SUPER easy).

If you’re already
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