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Here’s what our members have to say …

📰 “I like the way that it lays out local news in a quick and easy to read manner.” — Laura S.

🗳️ “I love the summary of local news. I don’t have cable or watch any local TV at all, so I like getting little bites about what is happening here in Pittsburgh that I need to be aware of, particularly around elections. … It feels like I am more engaged with the city when I know what is happening.” — Aaron O.

🗓️ “After a year of feeling disconnected because of covid, reading the Incline I always feel that connection to my community. Makes me realize there’s still a lot of stuff going on around town and I’m super excited to learn about new events when events are actually a thing again!” — Mary

📨 “I really enjoy the personalized feel of the newsletter, and how it feels *current.*” — Caedyn B.

😀 “I love the informal tone and the enthusiastic feel of the newsletter.” — Elise M.

📝 “I love the summary, written in an engaging way, of the news and happenings all in one place.” — Nick D.

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Francesca Dabecco

Pittsburgher and Director of The Incline