Meet Colin – The Incline’s Local Director

Colin Williams smiles at the camera in glasses and a denim jacket.Favorite local sports team I can get behind:

As a Cleveland sports fan by birth, the Pens are the one Pittsburgh team I have no conflicts of interest with. Even though I adore PNC Park and catch multiple ball games every year, cheering on Crosby and the boys at home is almost as fun (and the results are usually better, too!).

One thing I wish locals would stop doing:

Coming to a stop at merge points. We got like 500 on- and off-ramps, yinz; just pretend you’re part of a zipper and keep movin’.

This is embarrassing, but I can’t get enough of… 

Big Shot Bob’s wings, especially the Talk of Beaver Falls. I’m an equal-opportunity wing enthusiast, but BSB keeps the sauce game strong and sets a high bar for other establishments.

A hill I’d die on:

Literally? Stanton Avenue. Biking up from Butler Street is a ton of work. Figuratively? Ripping out most of our trolley network and relegating rail travel to the “Amshack” at Penn Station was a mistake.

Unpopular opinion, but…

Our city’s many disused houses of worship could become so much more than condos. Old churches would make great gyms, art galleries, yoga studios… Just look at Dragon’s Den!

My perfect Pittsburgh day includes these three stops:

First, I’d take a 20-mile spin on my bike along our riverfront trails and back up through the Run. Cycling is a great way to experience Pittsburgh from different angles. Afterward, I’d probably get some delicious Thai Gourmet takeout and enjoy it at a local brewery. Lastly, I’d bang my head to a metal band in the hallowed grounds of Mr. Smalls and make sure to grab some merch on my way out.

A friend visits from out of town. I’m not letting them leave without…

Taking a trip down the Mon Valley to tour Carrie Blast Furnaces and pay a visit to Kennywood if there’s time. I’m sad such an excursion can no longer include dinner at Josza Corner… R.I.P., Alex.

On any given weekend, you can find me…

Sampling a flight at one of our newer breweries or enjoying a couple pints at some of my favorite spots. I’ve made a good-faith effort to visit as many local taprooms as possible, and lately, I’m especially on the lookout for a nice Altbier (like Dancing Gnome’s) or crispy pilsner (like Old Thunder’s).

If I had to give a vote for Pittsburgh’s hidden gem, it’d go to…

Bayernhof, the city’s zaniest museum experience bar none. I’m not sure there’s another museum quite like it in the world, what with the bargain-bin German art, player pianos and absurd secret passages. I can’t wait to take more friends from out of town through this wacky maze of one man’s vision.

I wish Pittsburgh had more/less _________

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Colin Williams is The Incline’s director. His metaphorical newsroom office door is always open for questions, news leads, tips, and hellos at hello@theincline.com