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Meet Cat Luck, local nomad and creator of Collarbone Jewelry

About 10 years ago, Cat Luck hopped in her Volvo wagon to sell her jewelry up and down the West and East Coasts. The Salt Lake City native eventually made her way over to Pittsburgh, the place she’s since called home for the last six years.  Cat creates her two jewelry lines under Collarbone Jewelry at her studio in South Side’s Brew House and sells her creations throughout the ‘Burgh and beyond. Read more.

Here’s the dill-icious round-up of all things Picklesburgh

Rise and brine, Pittsburgh! Today, we’re covering all things Picklesburgh. If you know anything about Pittsburgh, you know this is a big dill! Since I live in the Downtown area, I attended the jarring experience every day this weekend with my family and friends. I thought there was no better way to capture the festival […] Read more.

Learn how to bargain hunt from these Pittsburgh thrifters

Ready to find a good deal? Grab your cart, bring some cash, and get ready to scavenge for treasures because it’s National Thrift Shop Day! In a time where the fashion industry contributes to 1/10 of the world’s carbon emissions (a number greater than all international flights and maritime shipping combined), we wanted to celebrate some local people and shops that help us live affordably, be good to the planet, find our unique style, and make Pittsburgh a better place. Read more.