Sponsorship and Ethics Policy

On how we make money…

WhereBy.Us is the parent company of The Incline. You can learn more about what WhereBy.Us does by visiting our website.

One way we make money is with our Creative Studio, which helps brands and organizations understand their local audiences and build local engagement. Our Creative Studio work includes research, creative strategy, storytelling, and experiences, and appears in The Incline in the form of sponsored projects or marketing content. (And we produce a lot of work for our communities that aren’t paid for by anyone).

A sponsored project is a storytelling project that a client makes possible with its financial support. The Incline originates ideas for these projects and works independently to produce them, while the Whereby.Us team secures sponsorships and manages client relationships. Sponsored projects allow clients to align their brands with topics that our local community cares about. Clients don’t review sponsored projects before publication, and all sponsored projects are clearly labeled “Made possible by [client name].”

Marketing content is created for a company or brand to help it build relationships or promote its goods or services. Marketing content is produced by our marketing team, not The Incline team. The Incline team does not endorse or personally promote products. Clients may review and approve branded content before publication. All branded content is clearly labeled “Produced for [client name].”

How does WhereBy.Us decide who to work with?

  • We evaluate client relationships on a case-by-case basis.
  • We’re interested in working with businesses that are interested in changing cities.
  • We evaluate clients on a number of factors, including whether we think their mission is aligned with that of our local properties and the expectations of our local communities.
  • Businesses are a part of our communities. A client is a good fit for our community when it aligns its interests with the things our communities care about.
  • We welcome a conversation with members of our community about our business practices, and we are committed to providing transparency about the nature of our business relationships. Hit us up at hello@theincline.com.

On corrections … 

Mistakes happen. At The Incline, we believe it’s important to be transparent when we’ve gotten something wrong. We will do our best to correct errors and will tell you we’ve done so. If you see an error, please contact us at hello@theincline.com.