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Colin Williams smiles at the camera in glasses and a denim jacket.

Colin Williams

Colin joined The Incline in early 2022. Colin is a writer, artist, and former educator who spent a decade supporting arts nonprofits before shifting to focus on music journalism and digital media. His work has appeared in Bandcamp, Hobart, Invisible Oranges, Revolver, Very Local and elsewhere.






Francesca Dabecco editor journalist director Pittsburgh The Incline

Francesca Dabecco

Francesca was the The Incline’s Director in 2021. She’s a a proud recipient of the Golden Quill Award, Excellence in Written Journalism, she was a Panel Speaker for the Society of Professional Journalists, and she is now a member of the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania! 






Rossilynne Culgan 

Rossilynne is ardent supporter of the Pittsburgh ‘S’. She grew up on a Westmoreland County farm (go Penn-Trafford!) and now lives in the Strip District. She’s the author of a Pittsburgh guide book called “100 Things to Do in Pittsburgh Before You Die.” When she’s not writing (or even when she is), you can find her hanging out with her husband Shane and their sassy cat Cleocatra


Colin Deppen 

Colin joined The Incline as a reporter/curator in August 2017. He’s a Pittsburgh transplant, a husband, and dad to two dogs (Spencer and Zola) and one human child (Rory). When he’s not walking the four-legged kids near his Mount Washington home, he’s writing about Pittsburgh’s urban deer, Pittsburgh’s YouTube stars, the meaning of life, and forgotten people.  




The Incline has sister publications in four cities (The Evergrey, Seattle; Bridgeliner, Portland; The New Tropic, Miami; Pulptown, Orlando), and we all rely on the folks at WhereBy.Us HQ for help building our technology and making the newsletter sparkle.  

Front page skyline photo by Igor Oliyarnik / Unsplash