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How this Pittsburgh-based start-up is changing the way we think about our local food systems

Over the past year, our routines have changed so much, and it’s a wonder what habits will stick with us when things go back to “normal” — including how we shop for our groceries.

Harvie, a Pittsburgh-based start up that provides home-delivered grocery boxes directly sourced from more than 75 Pennsylvania-based farmers and artisans, is on a mission to be a part of that answer.

Food and drink / April 13, 2021

Meet Pittsburgh’s allergy-friendly foodie

When she’s not strategizing creative marketing for Pittsburgh businesses, North Hills native Liz Fetchin has her hands in the kitchen, cooking up allergy friendly food for her family. Recently, Liz launched Octofree, a blog where she shares recipes for everyday meals and comfort food free of the top eight food allergens; product reviews for her favorite ingredients, snacks and kitchen tools; and how-to guides for navigating life with food allergies and intolerances. Responses have been edited for clarity and length.

Food and drink / April 6, 2021

Q-and-A with Adaena Tray for National Library Workers Day

In honor of National Library Workers day, we chatted with Adaena Tray, who has been the director of the Green Tree Public Library for 12 years. When she’s not stocking the shelves, planning events, and managing employees, you can catch her over on Instagram at @endless_hacienda, where she shares her adventures with fixing up a 1924 Craftsman in Oakwood.

Locals to know / April 5, 2021

Pittsburgh food in April 2021: What’s opening and what’s closing

A new month has begun, and you know what that means. We’re back with our normal monthly food-and-drink updates … even though nothing really seems “normal” these days.

Food and drink / April 1, 2021

How this Pittsburgh company focuses on minimum waste and maximum comfort

Meet Rona Chang, the founder of OTTO FINN, a Lawrenceville-based sustainable fashion company that believes in minimum waste, maximum comfort, and authenticity. The shop sells a variety of clothing and accessories made from second-hand materials but specializes in coats made from old quilts and kantha blankets.

Local Business Spotlight / March 29, 2021

🍰 Pittsburghers baking a difference

Yuzu macarons, matcha strawberry shortbread, lavender honey cupcakes, and chocolate tarts with miso caramel and sesame — these are just a few of the latest creations from the Bakers for Change group, a local organization that strives to “enact change through baking” by hosting virtual bake sales for social justice campaigns. 

Food and drink / March 23, 2021

Celebrate “Grandma Month” at this Millvale eatery

In honor of Women’s History Month, The Incline caught up with Jen Saffron and her team at Sprezzatura, a community cafe in Millvale serving sustainable and accessible Italian heritage food, for a look into their featured heirloom recipes.

Food and drink / March 17, 2021

Lather up with this Wilkinsburg business all about self care

Meet Miko DeHoniesto, the founder of Tonic & Sage, a handmade, vegan body care company based in Wilkinsburg. She’s 27 and has a background in fine art, pastry, herbalism, and has practiced cosmetic formulation as a hobby for 8 years.

Local Business Spotlight / March 15, 2021

Meet The Incline’s new director with our staff spotlight on Francesca Dabecco

Introducing Francesca Dabecco, The Incline’s new director. Hear from this lifelong Pittsburgher about her perfect day in the city, favorite restaurant, and how you can help The Incline.

Staff spotlight / March 8, 2021