Meet an Incline member: Laurie Thompson

Supporting members make The Incline possible, so we wanted to put them in the spotlight with this series.

Meet member Laurie Thompson, a Murrysville resident, who combines her love of the black and gold with a spirit for being green.

Where in town might people run into you?

Despite living far-ish from the city, I come to the city a lot for places like Dobra, Gaby et Jules, Square Cafe, and the East End Food Co-op.

What’s something you’re working on — in big ways or small — that you could use help with?

I’m not sure if this counts but I’m always looking for more ways to reduce my waste (ya know, the first R in that “reduce, reuse, recycle”) and live a more minimalist lifestyle, so if anyone out there has tips, I always appreciate it!

What made you decide to become a member of The Incline?

It makes me feel at home to read The Incline, even more so with being stuck in quarantine. I can only imagine how much effort and research goes into the newsletter so I thought it was about time I support you guys financially! (Editor’s note: Hey thanks, Laurie, we appreciate you!)

What local business do you think deserves a shoutout (and why)?

The East End Food Co-op. I honestly haven’t been there since the lock-down (and I miss it so much, especially the now closed-down bulk section) but from their social media I can tell how ahead of the curve they have been with protecting the safety of their staff and customers. They are just such kind and cool people!

What’s a local event you went to recently that you loved?

On Earth Day I did the virtual “Be Fit Pitt” morning yoga, a collaboration between Be Fit Pitt and the Office of Sustainability. It was just what I needed and a great way to celebrate Earth Day from home.

What are you celebrating in your life right now

Technology! Without it, I wouldn’t be able to connect with my boyfriend who currently lives in India and in general I would feel a lot more lonely without the world of the internet.

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