Meet The Incline team with our staff spotlight on Lamont Craven

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Sure, we’ve been around the internet for three years, but we mostly stay behind the scenes. So this week, we’re turning the tables and interviewing our small-but-mighty staff.

Today we’ll hear from our brand new part-time Engagement Producer Lamont Craven. And we’d love to meet you, too, so come by our third birthday party on Oct. 23.


Lamont Craven



Where in town might people run into you? 

Exploring Carnegie Science Center, boozing at local breweries, and photographing my dogs anywhere permitted (aka anywhere we can get in and out quickly). 

What made you decide to join The Incline team? 

The focus on locality. I think the internet can connect us to the world in a way that sometimes clouds the awesomeness in our backyards. The daily newsletter spotlights local events, local businesses and is a reliable source of local journalism. The icing on the cake? It’s a digital media source, so I don’t feel guilty about having to dispose of it when I’m done. #InclineSavesTheWorld 

What makes The Incline special?

It’s connection to the community. Events like Who’s Next and What’s Next not only highlight leaders in the community, they also provide the chance for any Pittsburgher to network with local changemakers across all industries. 

If you like us, membership is only $8 a month, gaining you access to sweet giveaways, member swag, and custom member content.

These pups are pawesome. / Photo submitted

What are you celebrating in your life right now?

I got another dog! (*This single dog man has 3 in total.) She’s a blue merle French Bulldog appropriately named Mayhem. Super pumped she fits right in with her two German Shepherd counterparts. 

What’s something you’re working on that you could use help with?

Developing a science policy lecture series. The goal is to create a platform for Pittsburghers to understand/question the science involved in policy decisions influenced by our elected officials. Also looking to coordinate a city-wide, temperature-recording, citizen science project to track areas locally impacted by variations in our climate. I’m basically Captain Planet looking for Planeteers.   

What local business do you think deserves a shoutout (and why)?

Bruh, Paulie’s Smokehouse recently opened in Dormont and is the bomb.com. I’ve already had and recommend the BBQ chicken, BBQ bacon burger, and pulled pork sandwich. Bonus, they carry Hennessey. 

What’s your perfect Pittsburgh day? 

Breakfast at the Dor-Stop or Pamelas, followed by a morning walk along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail with the too-live crew (the dogs). Feed the dogs, then realize the planets aligned perfectly as the Steelers and Penguins both have a game. I score tickets to both. Tailgating ensues on the North Shore with the traditional stop at Stage AE. Grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant, then gametime. Steelers win — no injuries! Switch jerseys, hop on the T to Dahntown full of yinzer pride. Meet new friends during the commute, cheer for the Pens. Goal song gratefully changed back to “Party Hard” by Andrew W.K. Crowd goes wild, Pens win. Take the T back home and the dogs are still sleepy, ready to Netflix and chill.      

Hands-down, your favorite restaurant in town? 

Fogo De Chao. I know it’s a chain restaurant but the mountain of ALL YOU CAN EAT caramelized bacon is what dreams are made of. My favorite local restaurant is Carmi Soul Food on Carson Street.

If Pittsburgh had ___________, you’d feel complete.

A World Series, Stanley Cup, and Super Bowl win all in the same year … pro basketball team would be nice, too. 

Finish this sentence: You’re not a true Pittsburgher until you’ve… 

Experienced the four Carnegie Museums.   

Fun fact: 

Ich spreche Deutsch (I speak German), my German Shepherds respond to German and they have their own Instagram page; Pittsburgh German Shepherds

How can we connect with you?

At lamont@whereby.us or DM me to talk dogs @pittsburghgermanshepherd on Instagram.